How I Joined a Facebook Group and Made $1,000

Jenn Leach

I joined a Facebook group in my niche and made $1,000 in the first month! While I had made money from groups in the past, I never have at this capacity. If you have ever wondered if you can really make money in these groups, the answer is, yes, you can!

Facebook groups are a nice source of revenue. You can make money as a member of a Facebook group and you can make money as the admin of groups.

For this 30-day case study, I had it in my mind that I wanted to make money from this group before I started. I created a plan to accomplish this goal, stuck to it the best I could and reached my goal. This is the story of how it happened and how I made $1,000 in 30 days in a Facebook group.

A Little About Me

First, a bit about me. I’m an internet entrepreneur. I started online almost 10 years ago. I have done a bit of everything from freelance writing, social media management, digital marketing, ecommerce, dropshipping, Amazon, and more.

I love to have my hands in multiple pots. It keeps me going and it’s a lot of fun for me. Nothing is more thrilling than starting a new project.

My goal is to help people reach their goals, whether it be to pursue their dream of financial independence, avoid living paycheck to paycheck or start a successful side hustle.

I share this about myself to help you understand a little about the niche I work in and how I planned which type of group to join for this money-making case study.

How The Facebook Group Came About

I join Facebook groups all the time.

Facebook groups are these little communities on Facebook.

They’re free to join (most of them).

And they are comprised of like-minded people.

A group is usually created from a niche, like vegan lifestyle or newbies to Houston looking for friends, small business owners, finance bloggers, etc.

Here are some examples of groups I'm currently in:

  • Mom entrepreneurs
  • Weight loss
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Boutique owners
  • Ecommerce
  • Cheap vegan food

There is a community on just about everything on Facebook. And, if you can't find a group that you're interested in, you can create it for yourself.

I admin about 5 or 6 Facebook groups myself:

  • Pinterest blogging community
  • Making money
  • YouTube growth and strategy
  • And, more!

Here’s what I did when I joined the group.

The group was filled with my target audience.

Pro Tip: Join groups that are filled with your core customers then, add value and never sell to them.

This pro tip I took myself and it helped me score $1,000 within a month of joining the group.

So first, I joined the group.

Then, I stood back and paid attention. I watched how the group interacted. Looked at the questions being asked. I reviewed the group rules and then, I started….


Participation looks like this:

  • I joined in on discussions
  • I answered questions
  • I asked questions
  • I shared my experience and background

What I didn’t do?

I didn’t post a thread.

Posting a thread, unless you’re asking a question, can feel kind of sales-driven. People can see right through it and you want to avoid this. It puts attention on you and even if your goal is to provide value, hold off doing this if you’re a newbie to the group.

Wait to be known a bit first.

Let people see you interact in the group and answer questions, etc.

Then, later, feel free to post. This is just my personal experience. Take it with a grain of salt and do as you wish.

How I ACTUALLY Made $1,000

I had heard about attraction marketing.

If you google this, it says:

The culmination of your marketing efforts to draw customers to you and your brand. As with any marketing strategy, attraction marketing focuses on setting your brand apart from your competitors by making your company attractive to potential buyers. (

I tried doing attraction marketing for a project I failed at a few months prior (all business ideas are not winning business ideas and even successful entrepreneurs still have failures).

That business was in cannabis.

In short, I joined an MLM for hemp oil and tried my hand at selling it for about a month. I ended up quitting that because it was too expensive to keep up with, without seeing a return. And, the tactics they recommended were super spammy.

Anyway, I did attraction marketing with that project and it worked. I got a ton of people who were interested though few signed up, in part because it was so pricey to maintain.

I tried attraction marketing joining the Facebook group, and this happened…

I got dozens of personal messages on Facebook daily.

I had people ask me to share about myself and request to see my courses.

I had people ask me to coach and mentor them.

I got praise for the value I provided in the group.

The $1,000 I earned was from course sales!

And, the best part is, I didn’t even have to ask for the sale.

Everyone who bought inquired from me, I didn’t have to push my products, for once. And it was so refreshing and felt incredibly easy.

I wonder if I did this with 2 groups per month if I could make $2,000/month or $24,000/year?

It might be worth the experiment in the future.

But, there would have to be dozens of groups in niche, which I would have to check.

What Do You Think?

And, that’s how it went. This was a short 30-day case study that proved successful.

Imagine if you did this with 5 Facebook groups or 10 Facebook groups. You could spread your message, increase brand awareness, and make money.

It makes you think, doesn't it?

Have you ever done something like this with groups? Share your experience and questions below!

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