Quanell X raises concerns after a Maryland mother was arrested following public criticism of Child Protective Services

Jenifer Knighton

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In late January, an alarming incident unfolded when Anne Arundel County Police officers and Child Protective Services (CPS) workers confronted Justice and Mashai, the parents of Collin and Clover, outside a Dunkin’ Donuts. During the encounter, the officers allegedly resorted to threats of police brutality while demanding the couple surrender their children to CPS. Importantly, no court order for removal was presented at the time.

According to the parents, their son Collin was wrongly diagnosed with failure to thrive due to his small size resulting from being born prematurely. Operation Stop CPS asserts that the state's guidelines were not properly followed and highlights that volunteer EMTs were called to assess the children's condition. Despite the EMTs confirming the children's good health, a CPS social worker insisted on their hospitalization.

To the parents' dismay, they were denied the opportunity to accompany their children in the ambulance. Upon reaching the hospital, Justice and Mashai were informed that custody of Collin and Clover would be assumed by the State of Maryland, leading to their forced separation from their children.

The incident has raised concerns over what some are terming as "medical kidnapping." Operation Stop CPS initiated a call to action, urging the community to support the reunification of the family by reaching out to Geneva Rieu, Acting Director of CPS. The organization emphasizes the importance of reuniting the family to aid their healing process after this traumatic event.

Shockingly, within days of the couple speaking out against law enforcement and CPS, they found themselves surrounded by law enforcement once again. This time, it was alleged that there was an arrest warrant for Mashai. However, the officers at the scene refused to disclose the reason for her arrest. Additionally, Mashai was served with a "peace order," prohibiting her from further contact with Geneva Rieu, the person allegedly overseeing the family's case.

This incident highlights the Family Policing System in action. When a system possesses unchecked power for an extended period, it can transform into what we witness today: a machine for kidnapping. The arrest of Mashai is perceived as an attempt to silence her because she refuses to remain silent. To those who suggest complying with the system's demands for the return of their children, we declare that such compliance has brought us to this point. We are exhausted by it. We cannot have peace without justice! Amanda Wallace, OperationStopCPS, passionately expressed.

The issue at hand is how many times it is deemed acceptable to contact the person responsible for the alleged medical kidnapping of your children. If the kidnapper were not the government, people would encourage incessant communication. An amber alert would be issued. However, because it involves the government, it becomes problematic. We can no longer tolerate this double standard, Wallace added.

Following Mashai's arrest, Quanell X Global News Network reached out to the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) for a statement regarding their awareness of the peace order filed by their Acting Director against Mashai Smalls, the potential retaliation against Smalls for speaking out, their involvement in the law enforcement's actions against Smalls and her partner, and their role in Small's recent arrest. The clarification of these matters is crucial to ensure transparency, accountability, and the protection of individuals' rights within the system.

The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) released the following statement to Quanell X Global News Network:

"The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) is dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable children and ensuring their well-being. We actively collaborate with parents to mitigate any risks of harm, allowing children to remain safely with their families. While confidentiality laws prevent us from providing specific details regarding your inquiries.

Photo byMashai Smalls

Latest: The children have not been returned to their family. However, the mother did post an update on social media. According to her, both of her children were brought to their most recent visit filthy and Collin has a cut on his foot. Check back later for updates.

Photo byMashai Smalls

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