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Elf on the shelf: Fulshear Police Department asks for community help to find wanted fugitive

Jenifer Knighton

Photo byFulshear Police Department

The Fulshear Police Department is asking for the public's help to locate the Elf on the Shelf after he escaped from police custody. Have you seen him?

Photo byFulshear Police Department

Ft. Bend County, Texas- If you are feeling down this holiday season, check out the Fulshear Police Department's Facebook page. You are in for a good laugh. Not only have they gone above and beyond to show what it means to "protect and serve," they went all out with the holiday spirit.

Photo byFulshear PD

On another note, have you seen the Elf on the Shelf? According to Captain McCoy of Fulshear PD, the elf was apprehended and charged with criminal mischief in November of this year. He somehow escaped police custody and was picked up a few days later. Of course, he bonded out of jail and he's been on the run ever since.

Photo byFulshear PD
Our fugitive has been on the run for 120 minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injuries, is 2 miles per hour. That gives us a radius of four miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, candy store, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up to five miles. Your fugitive's name is Elf, Elf on the Shelf.- Fulshear Police Department

The Elf is described as 12 inches tall and .5 pounds, with brown hair and black eyes. Residents should never attempt to apprehend a fugitive themselves. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the Elf on the Shelf can head over to the Fulshear PD Facebook page and post pictures.

Who's behind the Facebook screen?

Captain Mike Mccoy has been running the Fulshear PD Facebook page since 2013.

Photo byFulshear PD

Hats down to the Fulshear Police Department and Captain Michael Mccoy for being so involved with the community. Just in case you are wondering, yes they are hiring.

Photo byFulshear PD
The men and women of the Fulshear police department work for a unique and supportive community. The citizens of Fulshear truly do have OUR back. Small-town charm, courtesy, support and respect flow throughout this extremely fast-growing city, and you should grow with it. Fulshear Police Department

According to their Facebook page, Fulshear has a highly competitive salary plus employee benefits. They work 12-hour shifts, which means you work about fourteen days a month. Every officer has every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.

Additionally, they have a brand new Municipal complex with a new police station. Fulshear Police Department pay starts at $73,099.36 up to 77,572.56, depending on experience and education. Applicants must already have TCOLE License. Apply online at https://bit.ly/3tBJSd6. For inquiries, email Captain McCoy at mmccoy@fulsheartexas.gov

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