Powerful poetry: Dear

Jenifer Knighton

Photo credit: Jenifer Knighton


If I face my fears,

that could possibly mean that happiness is near.

I wonder- Who am I to deserve to smile?

Do I really deserve to live a life that is worthwhile?

My heart has been broken so many times,

but when people ask I continue to say, “I am fine.

My heart hurts like a shock of lightning passing through my body a thousand times,

My body has become so numb and all I can do is ask, “why o why?”

Everyone that I have ever loved has left my side,

I learned to use maladaptive behaviors as a way to hide.

I hide to avoid getting hurt and rejected,

I have found a way to cope with the pain and stay protected.

Photo credit: Jenifer Knighton

Dear, If you hold on a just little while,

soon you will see that your life is worth living and you will start to smile.

Dear, the thoughts and feelings may get worse before they get better,

but hold on a little longer,

and see through the stormy weather.

There is a rainbow that awaits you on the other side, please come out and stop trying to hide.

Dear, I will believe in you when you aren't ready to believe in yourself,

I will push you to get stronger and show you the love that you may have never felt.

The unconditional love that we all want to feel, the love that is consistent and allows our hearts to heal.

I will walk beside you on this journey called life,

I promise to never give up on you while you continue to fight.

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Jenifer Knighton is a Community Activist, Journalist, Counselor, and DWI-Education and Intervention Instructor focused on social justice and change. Her mission is to build stronger communities through Hope, Empowerment, Advocacy and Outreach, Resources, and Support.

Houston, TX

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