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Texas Children's Hospital calls child protective services on another Katy mother after teen attempts suicide

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At this point, it's unclear what Texas Children's Hospital's motives are. Are they apathetic, uneducated, or are they possibly being compensated by the state for making unwarranted reports of abuse and neglect to DFPS? Who knows but seriously, they called CPS on a mother who followed the hospital doctor's recommendations after her teen daughter attempted suicide.

Katy, Texas- One of the most horrific phone calls a parent could ever receive would absolutely be a call from home telling you that your teen is unresponsive after they just tried to committ suicide by overdose.

That's what recently happened to a mother in Katy, Texas. The woman received a phone call while she was at work to inform her that the child was unresponsive and had vomit coming out of her mouth.

The child’s sister called 911 after finding her in their upstairs bathroom. The mother and EMTs arrived at the Katy home and took the teen to Texas Children’s Hospital West emergency room. The child received medical care. and she was cleared to leave the hospital the next day.

The attending physician, not a psychiatrist or licensed mental health professional, told the mother that if she didn't have her daughter transported to a psychiatric hospital, the hospital would call CPS on her. The mother agreed and the child was taken by EMS to a local psychiatric hospital for observation.

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Is finding your teen child unresponsive and near death not enough to deal with? Apparently, Texas Children's Hospital doesn't think so. The Katy mother followed the doctor's recommendations but according to her, Texas Children's Hospital called child protective services on her anyway. She was unable to understand why the hospital would make a false report alleging medical neglect when she has never neglected her childs medical or mental health needs and she did what the doctor told her to do.

The mother said that once CPS contacted her, the caseworker who was assigned to the investigation told her that she just needed her to send a few pictures of her children and some of the inside of her house so that she could close the case. Although the worker never made face to face contact with the mother or any of the minor children, she closed the investigation.

Texas Children's Hospital and DFPS representatives are more than welcome to provide a statement to the public. Check back later for updates.

If you or someone you know is in a mental health crisis or considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741.

NOTE: The child and parent’s identifying information including the child’s age have intentionally been withheld for safety reasons.

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