NY Superintendent's Murder Still Unsolved For Over 25 Years

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Richard Aderson( KC Downey/WMUR9)


This story centers around the murder of Forty-seven-year-old Richard Aderson. Aderson worked as the assistant superintendent of the Valley Central School District in Orange County, NY. He was also a family man being married with three children. That fact would make the events of that night so much more tragic. On the night of February 5th, 1997, Aderson was driving home at around 6:00 pm. In rush hour traffic, he was headed east on Interstate 84 in Fishkill, NY. While en route, he was sideswiped by another vehicle on the road. Both cars pulled over not too far from exit 12. As the two men exited their vehicles, the driver of the other car began yelling at Aderson.

*Since there were no witnesses present at the immediate scene of the two men’s confrontation, what follows is a lot of speculation by the investigators:

According to police, after dealing with the initial aggression from the other driver, Aderson began to argue back. At some point during the argument, Richard had asked the man to see his license. Not wanting to give up his personal information (which is sort of customary when a car accident happens), the man pulled out a gun. He shot Aderson once in the chest and then immediately jumped in his car and drove eastbound. (Somewhat) Luckily, Richard was able to stumble to his car and place a call to 911. The call lasted long enough for him to provide the police with details of the incident and a description of the man who shot him. He was later taken to the hospital where he would succumb to the injuries of his gunshot wound.

The Suspect

Some of the key aspects of how Richard Aderson described his shooter are the following:

  • A white male between 40 and 50 years old
  • medium skin complexion
  • he was approximately 6 ft tall
  • had a slim build
  • a thin nose
  • he was balding or had a receding hairline
  • he wore glasses
  • may have sported a beard

Aderson also described the shooter’s car. Police believe that he may have been driving a green 1997 Jeep Cherokee. If the shooter were alive today, he would most likely be in his 60’s or 70’s. Although police have received several tips, nothing has been able to result in an arrest. To this day, Richard Aderson’s murder remains unsolved.

Composite Sketch of Richard's Killer( Chip Rowe/The Highlands Current)

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