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McDonald's Worker Shot Over Cold Fries, Dies In Hospital

Jeffery Mac
Matthew Webb Vigil(Alecia Reid/CBS New York)

Oftentimes, tragic events in this world are just so senseless. Easily one of the most senseless involves the shooting of a Mcdonald's worker. What was this worker shot for? According to witnesses, because of cold french fries.

Earlier this month, A 23-year-old worker was working his shift at 1531 Fulton St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 7 pm. During his shift, he started getting hassled by a female customer who was upset about her order of french fries (this is according to witnesses). The woman was on FaceTime with her son during this entire ordeal and updated her on what was making her frustrated.

Her son then took matters into his own hands.

The customer's son — who is 20 years old — stormed into the restaurant soon after getting off the call. According to witnesses, he immediately began fighting with the worker.

“The mom complained that her fries were cold,’’ the police source said. “The mom was on FaceTime with her son, and he heard the dispute between her and the clerk. The son and the clerk got into a dispute inside, and it went outside.”

It was during the altercation that the 20-year-old pulled out a gun and shot the worker in the neck.

The worker was eventually revealed to be 23-year-old Matthew Webb and he would eventually succumb to his injuries and pass away from being shot. Michael Morgan — the 20-year-old son of the irate customer — was arrested while Matthew was fighting for his life in the hospital. His charges at the time were attempted murder and criminal possession of a loaded firearm. With Matthew’s death, those charges are expected to be upgraded to homicide.

His mom would later tell the police that her son told her “he gotta do what he gotta do.”

Morgan’s girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, has also been charged for allegedly handing Morgan the gun he used to commit the murder. She admitted to having possession of the gun and is being held on $50,000 bail. During his questioning, Morgan allegedly confessed to another murder and is being charged for that as well. Morgan was also charged with an earlier murder after allegedly confessing during questioning about the McDonald’s shooting.

“Matthew Jeremiah Webb was a loving, fun, respectful young man, working two jobs, putting himself through school. He was an organist at the church, making something of his life as a man before his life was just viciously and senselessly stolen,” a family member told the local news.

“All Matthew was trained to do, grew up to do, is to love and care for others, and this hurts us to our core to know that we have lost something very special,”

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