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Today we are able to get all the knowledge that we want. We can have comprehensive theoretical knowledge thanks to internet but even with all of that we still are super stressed out when we finish college as we have no idea what the future has in store for us. When looking for a job when often get comments on our lack of experience, that’s why internships are key to success. Indeed, all this theoretical knowledge is nothing without practical experience.

Internship is our first step in the labour market, the first thing that will turn you into a good worker. I mean not a robot that is doing what your boss is telling you to do, but a smart employee that has gained experience through his internships.

We will see in this article why it’s so important for you to do an internship and how you can turn it into profit.

An internship will give you the time you need to get your mind up to speed to what a real job expects from you. The gap between what you were studying at school and what the labour market is demanding can be huge. At school you are monitored by teachers and you have to follow a fixed timetable. When you are working, the tasks are given to you randomly, you never know what to expect or even if you will need to do something you have done before. You have a task to clear, and it needs to be done properly. This compels you to learn autonomy. If you don’t bring results in, if you are not at the expected level, you get fired. That is the reality.

Doing an internship will show you how modern companies work. Most of the time you will be assigned to a specific team. Today, teamwork is seen as key to success and during your first years of work or during your internship you cannot be a burden to your team. You must endlessly bring good ideas, make projects happen and fulfil tasks. By doing internships you get accustomed to all sorts of teamwork specific demands that college does not train you for.

An internship is also a good opportunity to learn what you are fitted for. Indeed, there are plenty of jobs in the market and new ones are getting created by the day as technology is bringing up so many new features in. There is a steady evolution of the labour market. If you want to catch and do, without a doubt the work that you want, you must do an internship. Hesitation will make you lose time, your young age is a value, do not waste it. Thanks to an internship you will be able to cut out the jobs that you do not like, and then be more accurate when you choose the work you want to do.

Internships can be considered crash tests, when we are young, we do not think of the benefits of an internship, we do not even consider doing one most of the time. I believe internships are the easiest way for you to learn about yourself and about your preferences. When you study your major in college it can be that the corresponding job is not what you hoped or wanted to do. Choosing without trying is a big mistake that many students make.

Did you know that most students stop their studies after two undergraduate years?

Nowadays stopping after two undergraduate years it can be considered rather early as many politicians or employers are saying that to get a good job you must be a postgraduate or an MBA graduate. Stopping your studies after two undergraduate years is early, it might be due to various reasons but the main one is disappointment during studies. Doing an internship can allow you to bypass this stage and you can start directly working if you want to.

In addition to that there is in my opinion today an endless possibility of self-learning. Many students feel like they don’t have to stay in school anymore as they can learn most of everything by themselves. Also, the dream for people is to create a business and build a company, create their own start-up. It’s essential to do an internship to discover and understand the complex mechanism of working in a company and what a company must do to be profitable.

But when can you do internships?

This is a very simple answer as it is only three words: “Whenever you want”. The more the merrier to be honest. There are no restrictions, in middle school, high school, and in college of course.

How to get your internship?

The very first thing you need to do to get an internship is to send your CV to as many companies as possible. The CV can be considered your profile sheet. The CV is for the company the first thing they see about you. That’s why it’s so important to have a perfect CV. An employer will on average spend 10s looking at your CV. They will in this short amount of time decide if you can have a spot in the company or if you won’t. I have some experience looking at and making CVs so I will give you two very simple advice for you to make a good CV. First, a CV should be simple. The employer should in 10s understand which college you went to, what kind of internships you did (if it’s not your first one) and what you like to do outside of work. From this comes the second point, you should use a standard CV template. CVs are important to show who you are so it’s good to personalize them but it’s more also something you send to senior recruiters so it’s more important to keep a standard template to simplify the life of everyone.

In conclusion, it’s key to do internships to have a first-hand experience of the labour market before having to sign your first full time contract. Also, you will learn how the labour market functions and if you like the field you are studying in college. Finally, you can do internships whenever you want from middle school or high school so from this age start to draft your CV and start enjoying some interesting internships!

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