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For anyone getting in their twenties and starting to work you will always have a boss. This person, to you, will be very important. He/she will be your mentor, he will help you learn everything and anything about the company you work at, about what you need to do and how to do it properly in order to be as helpful as possible. His job is also to understand that you are here to learn, and he needs to teach you as much as he can for you to improve not only for the company but for yourself as well. Getting along with your boss is far more important than just having a good time working. This is especially true when you are young. Getting along with your boss will impact how you view the labour market, ho much you will learn at work and how you will unconsciously treat the persons under you as you get older. In addition, it also impacts how other will view you at work and if you take a step back, it impacts your private life as well. If you go home tired and angry, the time you spend with your girlfriend / boyfriend or with your family will be less appreciated as your mind will be tainted by a terrible day of work.

I will share a bit of my personal experience as a young office worker, and I will try to give you what are from my personal experience the two most important things to get along with your boss. I don’t want to make a list of 12 or 15 ways to get along with your boss as in all these lists most of the advices are terrible. I started working at my company around two years ago and I think I got lucky as I am still having a great time working there. I am getting along quite well with my bosses and that greatly helped me personally and professionally to get better at what I have to do at work and also to get confident and satisfied outside of the workplace. There are times, obviously, when its hard or stressful but overall, for now, I wish to continue working at this company as I think I have not yet taken everything of this experience. I can’t and does not wish to name the company I work with at as I think it does not add much to this article but for you to understand better what I have experienced, I am working in a big US company part of the S&P 500. This company is used to hiring young talent and has big open spaces with a lot of various office workers in them.

I- Be yourself !

My first advice and the most important one is to just “Be Yourself”. It can sound ridiculous but it’s what I think is key to success. When I talk about being yourself, I oppose it to playing a character. You try to act as one of the characters you saw online or in a movie which was very successful, or you imitate someone you know that would match, in your imagination, this position. You can try to adapt to what the company is looking for but don’t try to be someone you are not, don’t play a character. The curtain will always fall, and it does not benefit anyone. Just be yourself with all your qualities and with all your flaws. This is how your boss will whole heartedly give you advices on how to truly be a better version of yourself. These advices will be relevant as they will make the real you better. By being yourself, you don’t fill in a spot you create your own spot in a company. Bear in mind that you spend so much time at your companies that you may see your boss more than your own family. The goal of this article is not to tell you how to become best friends with your boss but rather how to build a solid work relationship that’s beneficial for you and appreciated by your boss. By being yourself, you will build and establish good communication skills and you will build trust between one another. With trust the rewards and the recognition will surely follow.

II- Strive for Open Communication

The key to getting along with anyone is always to strive for open communications and discussions. We live in a society of communication. Everything is built on communication e.g. social media, books, the press, emails and so on and so forth. We are always looking to talk and exchange with one another. In addition, relationship, love, trust, loyalty are also built on discussion and communication. The goal is to have with your boss an open and honest communication. At your company telling your boss about your problems, needs, and ambition is the perfect way to build a good relationship and to get along with him. If you build emotions and resentment inside of you whether about a colleague, an unfair situation that occurred or even on your boss the best thing is always to talk about it. You can set-up a quick meeting or a phone call to explain the situation. It will make you feel a lot better and it will also in the worst case improve the whole situation or in a base case solve the problem at hand. As said before, some weeks you may spent more time with your boss and colleagues that with your girlfriend / boyfriend so strive for open communication with them.

To conclude, to get along with your boss I would only recommend two things. First, be yourself at work and by doing so you will be accepted by who you are rather than who you are acting to be. Second, you will get along with your boss by striving for open communication with him. This will allow you to get ride of the disturbing thoughts ride of any of resentment you may have. This will create and build a healthy relationship which is optimal to get along with someone. These are from my personal experience what I would tell anyone to do. I am getting along very well with my boss and I greatly benefited from it. I got promoted when needed, I learned a lot, and finally I also got a lot better at my work which is always very satisfying.

I hope these two advices will help you out and that you will strive at work by getting along with your boss.

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