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A LOCKDOWN … what a pain. In 2020 this word has for us a totally different meaning than before. This is the end of an era, the end of a concern free time period. Through this shared lockdown experience we were forced to adapt and grow faster than usual. A lockdown is Janus-faced. It is a deprivation of freedom but also, today it’s a mandatory thing to go through to safeguard our society. There have been so many lockdowns all over the world this year. There have been as many lockdowns as there are people in the world pretty much. As we are all different, we all lived the lockdown in our own way. There are people who benefited from this lockdown experience. On the other hand, there are many people who had a negative personal experience, due to various deprivations. It was an absolute rupture of our standard daily life. We will see and share what kind of problems you could have faced during the lockdown. And how you can overwhelm them and create your own achievements from an experience like this, imagining it must be repeated in the future.

I -What are the problems arising from a lockdown?

A° How to combat your idleness, laziness and passivity

When you are in lockdown you spend all your time at home. You no longer waste time in public transport and you have more time for yourself than ever before. I lived these moments too. In your calendar you have so many things to do, you plan to do all of them, and in your head it is limitless. However, a stirring bad feeling is growing inside of you because there is too much to. Let me explain my stance. You have an amount of possibilities which is exceeding your capacity and motivation. You feel this strange feeling of emptiness rising inside of you. You are distraught and your motivation, your drive is running away from you. A conservative feeling is stirring inside your mind. In conclusion your will is weakening over time and you are doing less and less things this is what we call enforced passivity. This feeling of emptiness, this lack of will in front of the work you have to do or the things you wish to complete can lead to depression. You are at home so there is no longer a border between work and private life. When you sum up what you achieved during your lock down you look down on yourself as it is terrible. It leaves you with a bad feeling and builds up resentment inside of you.

B° An alteration of your relationship or being self-isolated

Nowadays, we live surrounded by social media, we have our smartphones with direct access to Instagram, Internet and we can communicate with our friends instantly. Imagine how rough lock down would have been without this technology, without your phone. I can’t imagine it. Today you have various tools to communicate and to sustain friendship between you and your closest friends. However, talking to them only on social media or through your cell phone is not the best way to feel that you are sustaining a social link. Indeed, this is not fulfilling enough. A true face to face discussion in real life is needed. When you chat through social media the effort that a conversation demand is no longer present as the notion of time disappears. One can answer whenever they want. You can even feel angry or resentful towards your friends because they take too long to answer. This is only when you have the internet, a cell phone or social medias. Some people in the worlds have no access to any of this. Some researchers have proven that when you are alone for a long period of time your feelings and your brain are weakening. Your brain needs social interaction to be in good shape. If you don’t interact with anyone you are more apt to develop mental diseases. Therefore, social interactions are essentials as Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. The lockdown is impacting our tendency to be social which is a liability to our good mental health.

C° Stop to learn or do activities that is challenging you

As I said before, the lock down can lead you to idleness and has a negative impact on your mental wellness, as you can’t see your friends anymore. However, relationship is not the only thing which can lead you into a sort of “Spleen”. If you stop to learn or challenge yourself, if you stop acquiring new knowledge it is the beginning of the end. Indeed, between you and the lockdown it is like a couple. You must break the routine that a lockdown can apply/enforce on you. Try to find something new to stir you desire of learning and develop your brain. It’s like an endless battle between you and the lockdown where the goal is mental wellness. Even little things can make the difference. You must always keep your brain ready and eager to learn. That will have a great impact on your mental health.

II - In which way can you leave the lockdown with a feeling of self-improvement?

There are many things that you can do during the lockdown to feel a sense of self improvement. Here is a non-comprehensive list of some ideas to help you face another lockdown:

A° Self learning and development thanks MOOC, free online classes

MOOC are online classes that can allow you to strengthen your knowledge on certain subjects. Sometimes you have to pay sometimes not, but overall self-learning is a good way to develop yourself. MOOC is a good way to start learning by yourself, for example, if your usual lessons are not fulfilling enough, that your college is not able to provide you quality education, don't think about it twice and try it. This is a good way to get your independence, to be a self-made man/woman. The lockdown is giving you more time for yourself, use it in a worth it way.

Are you bored by your work? Do you want to change the job that you are doing?

Do some MOOC. Learn programming, for example JavaScript or CSS. Because the digital market is skyrocketing. When the lockdown will end (I hope one day), you will be able to master a new kind of knowledge. That might allow you to leave your job and start a new life.

B° Set up a good work-life balance

Above I said you must break the routine, let me explain myself. I am acknowledging that you have to set up a framework. You cannot be efficient without setting up outcomes, also remember that it’s good to change your routine sometimes. As an example, you can create your own schedule, you work at this time you get up at this hour etc… Try to find a good balance between your needs and your capacities. Following a routine is good for your self-esteem because it is showing that you can structure yourself. You may program sport sessions three times a week, you can also simply go for an hour walk in a parc etc…There are plenty of quality things you can implement in your routine, and they are not necessarily hard. This will allow you to work with an increased efficiency in other word you will be productive as hell.

C° Used the means that our modern world is offering for/to you to open your mind

Many applications allow us to talk to people around the world, I can think of Hello Talk for example. Try to break your borders and open your mind like you never had before. Hello Talk allows you to start a conversation with people around the world based on the shared motivation to learn a new language. You can both discover new cultures and learn a news languages. The benefits are numerous, you break your bias by talking directly to a native of a country and you also will be able to improve your understanding of this new language. Maybe you will make new friends, maybe you can share the difficulties you went through during the lockdown and you will find people to cheer you up. The idea is to break your bias and to open your mind, the only limit is yourself. The Internet allows us to do all of that that. Please use this strange period for your own benefit.

D° What can I do if I do not have the internet?

My answer is simple do not live in a place where you don’t have internet. I’m joking.

Funny or not my true answer is to read or to write as much as possible.

- Writing can seem difficult at first, but nobody will ever judge for it and it could be like undergoing therapy. As said by a famous rapper, “Writing is the first action undertaken by men deprived of their freedom”.

- Reading will fulfil your imagination and hold off this feeling of being incarcerated the lockdown is able to stir inside of you.

Moreover, in our modern society reading and writing allow us to increase our attention span. It will be an amazing improvement for your brain!

I hope you enjoyed my sixth article! Please let me know if you have any comments and contact me should you want to learn more.

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