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Louisville Delivers Augments Local Convenience and Hospitality

JC Phelps

Have y'all heard of Louisville Delivers? They are redefining convenience and hospitality in Derby City and I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Shawn Stewart to talk about the company.

An Interview with Shawn Stewart of Louisville Delivers

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Tell me about Louisville Delivers. What territory does the company serve? 

Louisville Delivers is redefining convenience and hospitality in Louisville, Kentucky, by offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to residents, event organizers, and visitors. From stocking fridges and bars for vacation rentals and private events to providing personalized delivery services, Louisville Delivers goes above and beyond to enhance the overall customer experience. In addition, the company specializes in creating unforgettable moments with its exclusive Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar packages, catering to bachelorette parties, girls' weekends, and other special events where guests can indulge in delightful and customizable drink options.

Dedicated to convenience and customer satisfaction, Louisville Delivers seamlessly integrates into residents' daily lives while adding a touch of hospitality to special occasions. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality products and collaborating with local businesses, the company supports the local economy while ensuring exceptional service. Whether it's stocking fridges with fresh groceries, creating well-stocked bars, or providing personalized deliveries, Louisville Delivers meets the diverse needs of its customers, bringing convenience right to their doorstep. The Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar packages, featuring a variety of drink options, elevate bachelorette parties, girls' weekends, and other special events, adding an extra level of enjoyment and customization. With Louisville Delivers, customers can expect an unforgettable experience, seamless service, and the perfect blend of convenience and hospitality that enhances any occasion in the vibrant city of Louisville.

I know you have a sister operation in Nashville. What inspired the idea for the company?

Nashville Delivers was inspired by a personal experience and the absence of delivery services similar to those found in bustling cities like Los Angeles and New York. The founder, Shawn Stewart who had lived in these metropolitan areas, noticed a void in the market upon moving to Nashville. Despite the presence of popular delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub in other cities, Nashville lacked a comparable service. This realization led to three years of intensive research, driven by the desire to tap into the untapped potential and establish a delivery service before larger corporations entered the scene. Shawn's own experience as a fashionista rep, tired of constant travel and longing for more time with family and friends, further fueled the motivation to pursue this venture. With the fortunate turn of events following the loss of his job, Shawn decided to embark on the path of researching and exploring delivery service opportunities, ultimately leading to the birth of Nashville Delivers.

In the nascent stage, Nashville Delivers encountered minimal competition, allowing them to seize the opportunity and establish themselves as a premium concierge service. The key differentiating factor that has contributed to the loyalty of their customer base is their commitment to providing live dispatchers, setting them apart from their competitors. This means that customers have the privilege of speaking to a dedicated representative throughout the entire process, from placing the order to its timely delivery. Nashville Delivers takes pride in going above and beyond to accommodate their guests, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience that fosters a high rate of customer satisfaction. Their unwavering dedication to exceptional service and personalized assistance has resulted in a strong reputation and a high rate of customer retention, solidifying their position as a trusted and preferred delivery service in Nashville's competitive market.

How does the process work for Airbnb guests?

Guests staying at Airbnb accommodations can conveniently access the services of Louisville Delivers by visiting lousivilledelivers.net. On the user-friendly website, they can select the desired service, provide the delivery address, choose the preferred delivery time, and securely check out using a credit card. From there, Louisville Delivers takes charge, handling all the necessary arrangements and logistics to ensure a seamless experience. Coordinating with local businesses, organizing the delivery schedule, and fulfilling orders promptly, the dedicated team at Louisville Delivers goes above and beyond to exceed guest expectations. By offering a streamlined online platform, Louisville Delivers strives to provide hassle-free service, allowing guests to enjoy a stress-free stay at their Airbnb while leaving all the details and deliveries to the trusted expertise of Louisville Delivers.

Is there an expense for Airbnb owners? How can a property work with you?

Louisville Delivers offers a mutually beneficial partnership to Airbnb owners, as there is no cost involved for them to collaborate with our service. On the contrary, owners can earn a profit by referring our services to their guests. For every referral, we pay Airbnb owners 10% of the subtotal of the order (excluding taxes, delivery fees, and gratuity) as a token of appreciation. Additionally, we ensure that our hardworking drivers receive an 18% gratuity. In return, we kindly request Airbnb owners to promote our services through various channels, including social media platforms, informational materials within their units, and on their website. This collaborative approach allows both Louisville Delivers and Airbnb owners to benefit from the partnership and provide enhanced convenience and hospitality to their guests.

Louisville is a town focused on food, beverage, and hospitality; many of our tourists come here to experience the flavors of Derby City. Does Louisville Delivers cater to our local palate and businesses?

Louisville Delivers is keenly aware of Louisville's emphasis on food, beverage, and hospitality, recognizing that many visitors flock to the city to indulge in the flavors of Derby City. With a deep understanding of the local culinary scene, Louisville Delivers is committed to catering to the distinct palate of the city and supporting its local businesses. Through strategic partnerships with suppliers, restaurants, and establishments, Louisville Delivers ensures that its services align with the vibrant culinary landscape of Louisville. From stocking fridges with locally sourced groceries to curating well-stocked bars featuring regional spirits and collaborating with renowned local eateries, the company aims to showcase and celebrate the authentic flavors of the city. By actively promoting and featuring local products and services, Louisville Delivers not only contributes to the growth of the local economy but also provides customers with a diverse range of options that embody the true essence of Derby City.

In summary, Louisville Delivers goes above and beyond to cater to the local palate and support the flourishing food, beverage, and hospitality industry in Louisville. With a focus on showcasing the unique flavors that define the city, the company collaborates with local businesses to offer an authentic and diverse range of options. By doing so, Louisville Delivers not only enhances the culinary experiences of visitors but also actively contributes to the success and growth of the local community.

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