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Have Thanksgiving Dinner At One Of Downtown Louisville's Best Restaurants

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Hey, y'all! Intimated to cook Thanksgiving dinner at home? Let on of Louisville's best restaurants, Proof on Main, and Executive Chef Jeff Dailey do the cooking for you!

Have Thanksgiving Dinner At One Of Downtown Louisville's Best Restaurants

Dining at Proof on Main for Thanksgiving is sure to be an exquisite culinary experience, expertly curated just like their standard menu. Adults dine for $55 or $65, depending on entree; children dine for $25. Add-on dishes are available, along with their delicious bar offerings.

What's Included

Bread Course:

You’ll start with bread: brown-butter cornbread + buttermilk biscuits, along with apple butter + sorghum butter.

First Course:

Next comes the family-style first course: groganica greens, mulled apple cider vinaigrette, pumpkin seed, pomegranate, + Tillamook cheddar frico.

Main Course:

The main course is either: 1) turkey porchetta, orange, fennel, + roasted garlic gravy ($55) or smoked Black Hawk short rib, horseradish crema,+ carmelized shallot bordelaise ($65).

Side Dishes:

Included sides are Broadbent country ham stuffing (brioche, sage), haricot vert almondine (brown butter, lemon), + crushed new potatoes (crème fraiche, charred scallion).


Sides that you can add-on: crispy brussels sprouts (dijon aioli, grana padano), Frondosa Farm mushrooms (pearl onion, bourbon barrel worcestershire), + baby carrots (toasted miso honey, puffed quinoa, herbs).


Desserts include: pumpkin cranberry cookies, apple walnut cobbler, + dark chocolate/peanut butter mousse bars.

To-Go Plates:

Dream of Thanksgiving leftovers? They are also selling leftover to-go turkey + short rib plates.


Children will have the choice of a ½ portion of turkey or short ribs + two sides ($25).

About Proof on Main:

Proof on Main showcases a unique, modern approach to locally-sourced cuisine. Partnerships with local farms and regional producers highlight the bounty of the Ohio River Valley + the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Located in Downtown Louisville inside of the 21c Museum Hotel, Proof on Main captivates a devout local following, while also being a must-dine location for tourists. Their cuisine is unique + their bar is chock-full of the Commonwealth’s spirit: Kentucky Bourbon. Visit Proof on Main at the intersection of 7th and Main.

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