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There is a Christmas axiom made evident every holiday season: The closer we get to Christmas Day, the fewer Christmas trees we will find for sale. This doesn’t bode well for the procrastinators and time-challenged among us.

Ready or not, the count-down to Christmas is already here. And if you’ve been to the large local retail outlets like Home Depot and Walmart, you’ll find the tree pickings slim. Not only are the least desirable trees left, but all the trees sold and those still waiting for a home had been cut at least three months ago. Therefore, their freshness can’t be affirmed.

There is a way out of this last-minute Christmas Conundrum, especially if your reason for not having purchased a tree yet is based upon an inability to get out and buy one such as what can happen with car trouble and illness. Luckily, there’s still time left to take advantage of this quick and easy resolution: order your Christmas tree online.

There are 25-30 million Christmas trees sold each year, and among those sellers are hundreds of Christmas tree farms, usually private enterprises, that sell their trees online. Unlike most local retail conglomerates, the quality of these farm trees is consistently higher. And although the price may be a few dollars above what you'd normally pay, it won't break your bank, especially considering the difference in quality these tree farms offer.

Reasons to buy online from a tree farm

  • Freshness - Most trees purchased from farms online will be cut as soon as ordered then sent out within 3 days, so freshness is guaranteed. Where there is freshness, there are fewer needles dropping off the tree and onto your floor. Less housework during this busiest time of year is always a welcome occurrence! And they last longer, as well.
  • Choice - Most farms offer several different types of Christmas trees; beauties like balsam fir, Scotch pine, Fraser fir, white pine, white spruce, concolor fir, and Douglas fir. There are various heights you can purchase as well, from tabletop versions to towering 10 feet tall trees for those requiring a more majestic display. Thirdly, you can purchase living trees and replant them in your yard when spring approaches.
  • Aroma – The fresher the tree, the stronger that unique and remarkable Christmas tree scent will be, and the longer it will fill your home.

During this season of expectation and giving, remember that although your tree may be just another festive Christmas decoration, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, it takes almost 10 years for a tree to reach the average Christmas tree height. Intensive labor goes into feeding and pruning each one to create the perfect tree each year. It's been a work in progress waiting for you to come and claim it at just the right time.


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