Oxford Educated Man Sued His Parents for Violating His Human Rights Because They Denied Him Money

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For many parents around the world today, the thoughts that keep them up late at night are about their children’s future. However, for one British family, sending their child to Oxford University, one of the best universities in the world, and ensuring their child got one of the best lawyer training in the world wasn’t enough. Their son, Mr. Faiz Siddiqui, who is 42 years old, sued his retired wealthy parents and claimed he is entitled to maintenance for life from his parents since he is a vulnerable grown-up child with health issues.

Not only did 42-year-old Mr. Faiz sue his parents, he also sued Oxford University for $1.2 million in compensation for failing to get a first-class honors degree instead of the 2:1 degree he received. Fortunately, Mr. Faiz lost the case after the British high courts threw the case out. Nevertheless, the man has set the record for being one of the first people in the world to sue their parents because it’s his human right not to be denied money and the university he graduated from because they taught him poorly.

Mr. Faiz’s parents, Javed, 72, and Rakshanda, 70, have put up with their unemployed son in every imaginable way. They have housed their son in their over $1.2 million flat for ten years in one of central London’s most opulent postcodes, where Mr. Faiz has lived rent-free. Moreover, the parents have provided him with almost 500 dollars in weekly allowance, but when Mr. Faiz kept asking for more money and became more demanding, the son and the parents had a fallout.

Nevertheless, Mr. Faiz’s insisted that his parents should keep on providing for him. The parents’ lawyer argued that Mr. Faiz’s claims, as bizarre as they were, only had one intention: to continue depending on his parents.

At the trial, the parent’s attorney, Mr. Justin, argued,

“What Mr Siddiqui seeks is to foist a relationship of financial dependency on parents who do not wish that relationship to continue. These long-suffering parents have reached their own view of what is suitable provision for their difficult, demanding and pertinacious 41-year-old son (he’s now 42). Their highly qualified son lives rent free in their £1m ($1.2 million) two-bedroom London apartment, a stone’s throw from Hyde Park. They pay for his utilities and give him £1,500 ($1833) or so each month. That is their choice. The state cannot and should not be interfering in that decision.”

As shocking as Mr. Faiz’s treatment towards his parents was, 4,466 miles away in Mumbai, a man called Raphael Samuel was suing his parents because they gave birth to him without his consent because, according to him, being born is akin to“kidnap and slavery.”

Antinatalist Raphael Samuel on suing his parents for giving birth to him

Mr. Samuel is a self-acclaimed antinatalist (the belief that it is morally wrong or unjustifiable to have children) who believes that it was selfish of his parents to give birth to him as they did it only for their joy and pleasure. Though social media users rebuked him and even suggested that the parents should sue him for being the one to fertilize the egg during conception, Mr. Samuels said he has a great relationship with his parents. Because of that, he was only suing them for one dollar.

As far as being a parent is concerned, the struggles a parent goes through while being many, parents sacrifice a lot for making their children their number one priority. However, even after an Ivy League education, the Siddiquis’ was presented with the heartbreak of all their good efforts coming to bite them at their old age.

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