Mary Crumpton Is a Proud Woman with Two Husbands and Two Boyfriends

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Mary Crumpton with her two husbandsMEN Media

As far as schoolteachers go, 48-year-old Mary Crumpton is not the typical average schoolteacher whose time you would expect to be consumed by scheduling, tutoring, and taking care of her student’s needs. Instead, unlike most other teachers, the secret Mary had was a husband, a second husband whom she married at a non-legal wedding, and two boyfriends who lived a few meters away from her house.

Even though Mary lives with her legal husband, Tim, who is 47, and her second non-legal husband, John Hulls, who is 57, her boyfriends are older than her and her husbands. Mary’s boyfriends, Michael and James, are 67 and 77, respectively.
Mary at the pub with one of her two boyfriends Michael, 67MEN Media

As strange as Mary’s relationship choices are, Mary is a polyamorous woman who believes that she can love her four lovers equally. As a result, no two days are the same for Mary as she wakes up next to a different man every morning. The lovestruck woman claims that she is in love with all four men, and says that she is the happiest she has ever been in a long while.

According to Scientific American, polyamory is the new sexual revolution where consensual nonmonogamous relationships do not conform to the cultural norm as polyamory challenges the traditional concepts of jealousy, commitment, and love.

However, 4 to 5 percent of Americans practice polyamory in the United States. In contrast, other recent studies suggest as many as 20 percent of the US population has at some point practiced polyamory in their lives. Ironically, studies also indicate that individuals who practice polyamory are well-educated people with more master’s and doctoral degrees than the general population.

Mary Crumpton discussing her life choices

While Mary is brazen in living her life her way, she is now calling for a change in the law so that polyamorous women like her can legally get married to more than one husband.

Speaking to the media, Mary said,

“We’ve got a lot of Muslims in our country now and I don’t quite know how it works if they bring their wives here, maybe they have to pick one to be their legal wife and I don’t think that’s fair. And if I want to have two husbands, then I’d like that to be respected in law as well and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be.”

Though Mary is no longer a schoolteacher but works as a community advocate and activist, her two husbands, who live with her, are also accomplished men in their fields of work. Mary’s legal husband, Tim, is an airplane engineer, while her non-legal husband, john, whom she married in a unitarian church in 2018, works as a civil servant.

It boggles the mind how the non-traditional relationship is working out for Mary and the four men she loves and shares life with, but according to her, there is no alpha male in the group, which she says is very important to her as she doesn’t want any stress. 

Mary also dismisses jealousy and says that she makes sure all the men know how important they are to her. Still, as polyamory is illegal in the United Kingdom where Mary lives, for now, it’s working out for her and her four men.

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