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Wynn Resorts Encourages Employees to get Vaccinated or else

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Ever since the coronavirus hit, many small and large-scale businesses have had an adverse effect on them which grew worse as time went by due to the various lockdowns put in place by the governments and the prominent decrease in demand for products and services.

Travelling and tourism agencies, hotels, and resorts took major hits as traveling had been banned from region to region. Fortunately, after introducing new vaccines, lifting of lockdowns, and the number of COVID-19 patients being comparatively lessened, the world seems to be going back to normal with businesses opening up and traveling and tourism coming back.


Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most attractive locations for tourists to enjoy their time in. The famous Wynn Resorts, a hotel and resorts corporation based in Paradise, Nevada, has taken a considerable step towards reopening their doors completely for the public after following some restrictions. The Wynn Resorts employees have been offered two alternatives; either get vaccinated and show valid proof to the management or submit to being tested for COVID-19 every week and get negative results, all on the employee's own time and expenses.

The company is not forcing any of their employees to get the vaccine but rather encouraging them to get it, or there's the other alternative. The employees who are medically deemed unfit to be vaccinated will have to get tested for COVID-19 every week and get negative results.

According to Las Vegas Review Journal, CEO of Wynn Resorts Matt Maddox has encouraged the staff: get vaccinated to help operations return to a “much more normal environment.”
“(The testing) shouldn’t be overly burdensome,” ..... “but that is going to be a requirement because we want to be the safest place in North America for people to come on vacation.”

This policy has been met with mixed reviews, with even some senior employees complaining that this is manipulating them towards getting the vaccine. It is a one-time expenditure compared to getting tested weekly. Some have also called it a coercive move, among others.

Even after these reviews, it has been reported by 13 investigates that almost 60% of the staff of Wynn Las Vegas has been vaccinated as of April 8th, 2021. The employees who have been vaccinated have been notified to submit their proof of vaccination to the respective department by April 25th. The employees who decide not to get vaccinated will have to show their test results from that point on.

On-site testing will also be made available to the employees at the resort property for $15 per test. Free testing is also available through the Southern Nevada Health District. All the vaccination and test procedures will be held according to the laws of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Matt Maddox, the CEO of Wynn Las Vegas, has addressed the employees who are hesitant towards getting the vaccine in the following words;

"For those of you that choose not to get vaccinated, we want to ensure that this is the safest place to visit the safest place for our staff the safest place to work, so we are going to require a negative COVID test each week for those that do not get vaccinated,"

David Dreitzer, an expert in employment law and an attorney, has assessed the situation and says that he believes that this is a very creative solution and thinks it will have no legal issues as Wynn Las Vegas is within the letter of the law. The employees' concerns regarding the vaccine's safety and effectiveness will most likely not be held up in legal proceedings. He further said that he believes that employers can also even force the vaccination of COVID-19 for their employees as a condition for their employment.

Employees who fail to get the vaccine or fail to submit their COVID-19 test results will have to face punishment up to and including termination.

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