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The NYPD's chief of the department's equal opportunity turned out to be unsavoury

Jax Hudur

Racists in America’s police force needs to be closely looked at Deputy Inspector James Kobel

What conclusions should one draw when an institution’s anti-discrimination chief is forced to retire for posting racist messages online? That is precisely what happened when the NYPD’s anti-discrimination chief, deputy inspector James Kobel posted threatening racist remarks on Rant, a chat board for the NYPD officers. The disgraced officer used racial slurs and did not spare former President Barack Obama as he called him a “Muslim savage” while referring to a Bronx district attorney as “gap-tooth wildebeest.” The NYPD did the right thing by dismissing him; however, the damage is already done.

The anti-discrimination/ anti-harassment chief turned out to be a racist in a police uniform. The point of contention is James Kobel did not wake up one morning and decide to become who he is today; for how long did the department know that their officer was a racist and in the wrong business? What happened to due diligence, background checks? How come no one flagged the chief, his colleagues never sensed anything?

James Kobel lied to his superiors and denied the racist allegations that he has been spewing under the pseudonym “Clouseau.” Relieved of command as the head of the department’s Equal Opportunity Division, the department’s next step was to place him in a modified assignment. The NYPD’s police commissioner speaking on the case against Deputy Inspector James Kolben said, “That is a drastic step, but we thought it was the appropriate step due to the nature of his assignment as well as the allegations and what we have learned thus far.” Someone should tell the Commissioner what is drastically inconceivable is that a racist has been allowed to lurk and, in the department’s, equal opportunity division, no less. One of Deputy Inspector James Kobel’s racist rants

No, someone must have known something about Deputy inspector James Kobel’s blatant racism. His targeted racism included the son of New York’s mayor Bill Blasio who is mixed race and has Tourette’s syndrome, whom he referred to as “brillo head” to ridicule him.

The mayor did not mince his words when the sins of the Deputy inspector came out in the open, as he called it, “This is absolutely disgusting and goes against everything we’ve done to build a more inclusive police department. If this Deputy Inspector is found guilty of these offenses, he should be terminated immediately,” And “This vile, racist language is an attack on every New Yorker and an insult to our city’s values.” Well, the mayor may want an inclusive department but consider the remarks of the union that represents James Kobel, the Captains Endowment when the union head defended him as “he has conducted thousands of investigations over the last several years. Clearly, he has angered some people along the way.” Alluding that the deputy inspector was a victim, a mere civil servant who has been framed for going about his business.

It takes more than empty Twitter posts to eliminate corruption, including racism in all its forms, something former deputy commissioner Ricardo Morales knows too well. The former deputy commissioner was a whistleblower whose testimony irked the mayor to the point people said, “wow, you are protesting too much,”. In contrast, another source for the New York Post said, “I think the administration was worried that Ricardo Morales would reveal information about the mayor’s role in Rivington, would air the dirty laundry of the administration.”

The Governor was in line too to condemn the alleged racist. He said, “It’s almost incredible that this went on for so long, was so widespread, so many police involved.” The Governor is facing scores of sexual allegations by women.

The NYPD has an established history of going after whistleblowers, and perhaps officers would have outed James Kolben if they faced no backlash. It instills little to no confidence when New Yorkers know that the James Kolben affair has brought about an environment of the pot calling the kettle black (a racist euphemism on its own) when the elected officials have alleged roles in corruption cases or other alleged cases of sexual harassment.

Deputy Inspector James Kolben has been with the NYPD for nearly 30 years, 30 long years where it is highly likely that he has ruined the lives of many New Yorkers due to his racism. He has now been allowed to retire instead of answering for his indiscretions, his alleged discrimination. Perhaps Policing in America needs to go through an overhaul as there are possible James Kolbels in every department.

An excellent place to start for the next James Kolbel is at Georgia’s Sheriff’s office, where one of its captains characterized the actions of the Georgia spa shootings suspect as “having a bad day.” No one kills eight human beings, six of whom are Asian women, because they have a terrible day. That’s terrorism; it is racially motivated murders, not having a bad day. The same Georgia sheriff captain, captain Jay Baker, posted on Facebook images of T-shirts with racist slogans on China and Coronavirus.

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