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Every 2nd Amendment-Worshiping Politician is Equally Responsible for Each Life Lost to Gun Violence

Jax Hudur A Colorado State Trooper salutes the body of officer Eric Talley’s procession 

It was only less than a week ago when we woke up to the news of the Atlanta terrorist attack/mass shooting that has seen the loss of eight souls. Another shooting tragedy is back in the news again; another terrorist attack claimed ten lives in Boulder, Colorado. Among the victims of the shooting is Eric Talley, a 51-year-old police officer and father of seven children who was the first officer to have arrived at the King Soopers store on Monday afternoon when the call came of a suspicious man armed man. He gave his life to save the community he served. Nevertheless, his seven children will grow without their father. Another precious life lost to gun violence in the United States. Every life lost is precious, but when lawmakers are bereft of common sense and the need for tougher gun control, precious lives that could have been saved are lost.

What surprises me is that people keep on chanting the 2nd amendment in a maniac hysteria whose logic is that guns do not kill people, but people kill people. Yes, it is people who do the killing, but they do it with a gun. Making it easy for killers to get their hands on lethal weapons makes every 2nd amendment worshiping politician equally responsible for each life lost to gun violence.

The people of Colorado are mourning, and the Country, the world mourns with them. However, Americans need to understand that centuries ago, when the 2nd amendment was ratified, the world then was a completely different place. We live in the 21st century, not the 18th century when the US constitution was ratified. Suppose Americans want to follow the 2nd amendment, then, by all means, buy muskets or 18th-century weapons and not modern automatic guns. There is just no need.

According to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, almost 900 residents of Colorado died from gun violence in 2019, which meant an average of two deaths every day. That is unacceptable; however, the stats picture a damning realization as suicides ranked the highest with a whopping 76% of the deaths caused by gun violence. Also, 84% of the victims happened to be male. I expected that much, but I was not prepared for what I read next. Seventy-four children and teens were also lost to gun violence in Colorado in 2019, which made the state the 19th, the highest gun death rate in the United States in 2019. Colorado Gun Deaths in 2019

In a similar echo, President Joe Biden asked Americans to come to their senses as he called on Congress to enact stricter gun control measures. The President’s concern is warranted considering two terrorist attacks/ shootings in less than a week. It is on him to make sure that Americans are safe. So far, Biden is on the right track as he called for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. There is no sense in selling such lethal weapons to a civilian. President Biden’s call for the prohibition is sound, and I am sure many Americans will also appreciate his call to end loopholes in background checks. I am sure the NRA is now working overtime to appeal to Americans’ sense of patriotism and ask them to protect the US constitution, which is another way of saying defend the nation by buying more guns.


Colorado will once again overcome this latest slaughter. Nonetheless, we ought to remember that Colorado has been the center of the country’s worst mass shootings. In May 2019, one student was killed, and eight others were shot when shooters entered STEM Schools Highlands Ranch. The perpetrators were two teenagers aged 16 and 18. In a similar vein, a gunman, Robert Lewis Dear Jr, entered Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs in November 2015, resulting in the death of a police officer and two civilians while five officers and four civilians were wounded. All these shootings have assault or automatic weapons in common.

Source: Twitter

Colorado’s past nightmare shootings/ terrorist attacks also include the Dark Knight Rises as gunman James Eagan Holmes turned the movie screening into a blood bath when he killed 12 people and injured seventy. Colorado also overcame the massacre of Columbine high school in Littleton, Colorado, in 1999, the most infamous mass murders in the United States history. Colorado has been through a lot, and it will heal. Nevertheless, Colorado and every state in the US need people to come to their common sense and demand stricter gun controls. As one of America’s oldest foes once said, “history will absolve me,” it remains to be seen whether history will absolve the politicians who will try to block Biden’s willingness to curb gun violence and put strict gun control laws in place.

Colorado, I hope the rest of America is listening to your cries.

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