Americans May Get Used to President Biden's Gaffes but Not His Touchy-Feely Habits

Jax Hudur

And why this has echoes of Trump’s way of going about business

President Biden’s inappropriate contact with women

If you have been following President Biden’s speeches or talks, you must have come across a Biden gaffe or two whenever the President speaks. These blunders have raised questions regarding the President’s health, and while those rumors are just rumors, there is no evidence that the President has dementia as some have accused him.

Similar accusations have also been made against President Trump’s mental health. Nevertheless, in politics, nothing is sacred, and dirty is how the game is played. I appreciate that citizens in democracies can question pretty much everything about their government and their elected leaders. Yet, when mental health is thrown around casually in political fights, it diminishes the suffering and the on-the-ground struggle that mental health patients face.

He is healthy

The burning question therefore is, what is wrong with President Biden? Medically, nothing is wrong with him, and for his age, he has a clean bill of health. It is also good to know the Commander-In-Chief exercises five days a week, at least that is what his medical reports declared when it was released back in late 2019 when republicans were making Biden’s health the theme of their election campaign. According to the same report, he does not use any tobacco products and does not drink alcohol, an accolade few in Washington can rival.

The President’s medical report

He can be too touchy-feely

Stephanie Carter and Vice President Joe Biden

President Biden is a self-confessed gaffe machine, and you will rarely hear him speak without making a Biden gaffe. At the rate the President is going, gaffes are becoming a sort of a signature for him. Nonetheless, a blunder is one thing, but the President should understand that after four years of Trump’s Presidency, Americans and the world needs to see a mature man in the office and not a continuation of Trump’s unfiltered interaction with people, especially women. By this, I mean the President must make sure a repeat of his touchy moment with the then Défence Secretary Ash Carter’s wife, Stephanie Carter, never happens again. While Stephanie Carter brushed off the doubts circling the news as “misleadingly extracted from what was a longer moment between close friends.”

We, the public, are not privy to their relationship or how far their strong friendship goes. All we know is that while a guy was being sworn in as a Defence Secretary, another guy was putting his hands on his wife and whispering in her ears. That happened in 2015 when Biden was a vice president. Nevertheless, It was not the only time for Biden to invade a woman’s personal space.

He loves to kiss

If you watch the President’s mock swearing-in, you will see him kiss women of all ages and even telling some young women, “I want you next to me”. Innocent remark or not, that is somewhere in the neighborhood of Trump's grab ’em by the (unmentionables), an era most Americans and many people around the world would rather forget altogether.

Delaware’s Senator Chris Coon had to defend Biden when in 2015 footage his daughter seemed disturbed by Biden’s invasion of her space. Like other Biden encounters, Biden could be seen leaning in on her and trying to kiss her on the cheek and whisper something to her. She unsuccessfully tries to evade him, but when reporters questioned the Senator, he replied, “It’s a big part of who he is that he hugs people and connects with people and talks to people. My children have known Joe Biden their whole lives.”

Pointers for the President

Considering his age and public service record, I do not doubt President Biden’s integrity, except that it is not enough when dealing with people’s personal space. Public figures must set the stage for accepted norms of behavior for formal occasions, at least when it comes to women. The President’s private life with family and friends is one thing but when female staffers accused him of literally rubbing noses with them while talking to them is not only wrong but gross. If it is, as Senator Coon says, “it’s how he connects with people”, then his advisors ought to let the President know that NO, there are many alternative approaches that he can adopt that do not involve hugging, kissing, and rubbing noses with women.

Trump’s sleepy Joe did not stick, but touchy Joe will stick, so please, Mr. President, spare us the trauma and stop invading people’s personal space and while at it, watch out where your hands land on women’s bodies. 

As the President’s father used to say, “Keep the guys away from your sister.” Now someone ought to keep the President away from the sisters.

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