Governor Abbot's Reckless Decision To Ignore The CDC

Jax Hudur

Could be another one of his failed Judgement calls

Governor Abbot

The latest Covid 19 statistics show the Texas with the exacerbating total figures of 2.66m reported cases and 44.6k deaths from March 2020 to February 2021. If the figures are any indication, Texans are fighting a two fronts war. 390000 Texans are now under Boil water from the winter storms while fighting with Covid 19.

Source: The New York Times

Amidst the problems Texas is facing is a governor hell-bent on looking tough and posturing with a show of force. Mr. Governor, your State is suffering, and right now, what you should be doing is not lifting the mask mandate, but instead, you should be working with the CDC to ensure that Texans do not contract more of the virus.

Last year, Governor Abbot made the ridiculous claim that young people were responsible for the spread of the coronavirus when he said, “What we’re seeing there is that people of that age group, they’re not following these appropriate best health and safety practices. They’re not wearing face masks, they’re not sanitizing their hands, they’re not maintaining the safe distancing practices. And as a result, they are contracting COVID-19 at a record pace in the State of Texas.” It turns out the reverse is true. It’s the Governor who is now not following the CDC’s recommendations, and it’s he indeed who is disavowing the safety practices altogether. However, the burning question then is, why is the Governor doing this? Are the opinion polls going against him? Last year the Governor enjoyed the warm embrace of Mr. Trump, where Donald praised him and said that he relied on his judgment. It turns out that Governor Abbot’s decision was wrong as two months later, businesses were closed while record numbers of the virus were being reported in the State. For his part, the Governor said, “We opened too quickly.” Will this same excuse of playing Russian roulette with people’s lives be enough this time around for Texans?

Governor Abbot is not the only leader who has lost the plot, but one thing is clear, politicians have to come to terms that when it comes to Covid 19, it’s not all about them but rather about the people they have sworn to serve. Politics in times of crisis should serve the goodwill of the people and shouldn’t be used to peddle third-rate propaganda conspiracies as these are real risks to people’s lives. Businesses be damned if reopening means more people have to die of the virus. This is the right time to follow the medical advisory board to the letter and work with them instead of ignoring the guidelines. This could mean another closure of businesses and more deaths, as it has happened before under Governor Abbot’s watch.

What Texas needs now more than opening business is to tend to victims of the storms and make sure that they have what they need and make sure that Texans have food and water. The Texas Tribune reported that over a million Texans have been without drinking water. This news report paints a picture of devastation and suffering, especially in areas with smaller communities.

While businesses are essential for the continuation and well-being of the State’s economy, if the Governor is hell-bent on reopening, it is prudent to learn from what governments around the world are doing. For instance, The United Kingdom has been under a lockdown, with expected reopening taking place in phases. There is also a campaign of vaccinating keyworkers and the most vulnerable members of society, like the elderly. However, the UK has also seen the highest deaths in Europe, precisely by doing what Governor Abbot is now doing, playing loose with the virus by ignoring the experts playing catch up later. Unlike the UK, Texan problems are made worse by the storms. Nevertheless, if the Governor insists, at least do not lift the mask mandate. That alone could be the difference between life and death.

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