Why Americans Should Adopt the Practice of Polygamy

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Say what you like about some African and Middle Eastern countries; they got it right on polygamy, and it is time the West followed suit.

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In February 2019, The Utah state Senate unanimously approved a bill that would make polygamy reduced from a felony offense to an infraction; this could make the offense akin to a “parking ticket.” Though the Bill needs the Governor’s signature to make it to law, Utah could open the flood gates of polygamy marriages. However, the question then is, why did it take this long?

More so, why is the Western world so hellbent on crushing down on polygamy? The statistics prove men cheat on their spouses in the workplace while others solicit escorts or grab a drink on a night out. If lucky, end it with a one-night stand. The same also goes for women. Both genders are now cheating on an equal scale. Granted that the 21st century with all the modern cultural leaps we have thus far taken, i.e., gay marriage, polygamy should not have faced the severe penalty its practitioners are subjected to, particularly in democracies. It should be nobody’s business how consenting adults should live their lives.

Why should we adopt polygamy?

Polygamy can reduce infidelity, which in turn can save lives by preventing STDs. Many monogamous relationships currently suffer the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease coupled with the anguish and trauma associated with cheating. It is a double loss for the victim.

On the Psychological trauma of cheating, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, a Licensed psychologist, says, “The emotional turmoil of being the person cheated on creates lifelong damage in the areas of trust, self-love, and being emotionally and mentally healthy.” That sounds like a life sentence.

Benefits of a Polygamy Marriage

For the Ladies

  • A polygyny relationship can free up career-orientated women who have no time to foster or develop multiple relationships with men to find that elusive Mr. Right. Polygyny assures women of intimacy while at the same time working towards their goals.
  • Women who struggle with forming relationships because of their jobs are spared from resorting to desperate measures such as freezing their eggs and having children beyond their childbearing years in a bid to beat their biological clock. She can have a baby, and the other wives can support her to take care of the baby while pursuing her dreams.
  • Co-wives can be a support base. You do not have to be a career woman to enjoy time for yourself and work towards self-development. Many mothers do not have this luxury as they have no time to pursue personal growth and hobbies when juggling between work and their daily chores.
  • If you are a single mother, this lifestyle will suit you very well. You will have the support and freedom to pursue your life goals, while loneliness will be a thing of the past. You were the primary caregiver of your children. The African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” rings true in this case. Before polygyny, you were the father, mother, breadwinner, etc. Within polygyny marriage, your kids will have a father figure in their daily life, and as a mother, you have emotional stability, financial stability, and security.

For the Gents

  • Polygyny is widely practiced in some countries in Africa and the Middle East. These are the countries whom Trump refers to as shithole countries. These countries have no socialist economy where the state provides them a handout. The point I am alluding to is that polygamy can have an economic benefit. It can mean multiple sources of income, which translates to financial security for the family.
  • The wives share the workload, which in turn lessens the man’s workload.
  • The man gets uninterrupted quality time with the wife of the day or week as this means the other wives look after the children in turns.
  • Men are less likely to cheat. Remember that idle hands are the devil’s tools.
  • Men don’t have to worry about finding Mrs. Right as they would get a few more chances to get the right one.

Rules to abide by within polygamous relationship

As with everything in life, there should be rules adhered to by everyone in the relationship. Some ugly human tendencies such as jealousy, cheating, deceit, backbiting, meanness tend to rear their ugly head if left unchecked. Failsafe checks must be in place to safeguard the relationship. In these situations, emotions run high, and sometimes common sense will be left at the door. Black and white rules with no ambiguity should be drawn up and followed to the letter. No one should be forced to be in a relationship if they are unwilling to abide by these rules. It is out of the goodness of the whole family unit.

There will be a marriage terms agreement covering details such as how many days the husband would spend with each wife, money and living arrangements, etc.

This is not for everyone

I must make a disclaimer here. There are some men and women who are not cut out for this lifestyle. Do not feel bad if you are in this camp. Life of polygamy takes dedication, organizational, and negotiation skills that most people don’t possess. There is an inherent behavior for ladies that will not let them pursue this way of life(jealousy tendencies). For men, there is the added burden of potency. Let’s face it, stolen moments with the mistress don’t equate to the ability to please all your wives regularly.


Women are increasingly opting to be co-wives as some ladies are quite comfortable with the notion of a part-time husband. Many things could go wrong within a polygamous relationship. However, If all parties desire the relationship to flourish, it can be done successfully. This can lead to a productive and healthy lifestyle that is fulfilling. Polygamy can help to curb population decline. In this way, America does not have to rely on immigrants for the unskilled labor market.

There are more women than men, and polygyny will address the concerns of single women who desire companionship.

Rather than banning polygamy, which could be a “solution to many complex and difficult situations,” the practice should be recognized by the law.

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