Pop-Tarts aren’t strawberry enough? “I’ll sue you!”

Jason Weiland

Is something missing from your morning breakfast of sugar and regret, and you don’t know what it is? Would it bother you enough to sue over it?

A federal judge in New York City has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Kelvin Brown, who charged that Kellogg's Pop-Tarts label is misleading because it makes consumers believe the filling only contains strawberries as its fruit ingredient.

The breakfast food company’s products contain many other ingredients such as carbs and sugar which can interfere with blood glucose levels for people suffering from diabetes or high cholesterol—but no mention of these details is made on behalf side when you buy them at your local grocery store!

Imagine that?

The filling in these Pop-Tarts also includes pears and apples. In his ruling Thursday, U.S District Judge Andrew Carter said that when you look at just one picture of the strawberry on its own without any context it can give an inaccurate impression about what's inside.

But Judge Carter ruled "No reasonable consumer would see the entire product label, reading the words 'Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts' next to a picture of a toaster pastry coated in frosting, and reasonably expect that fresh strawberries would be the sole ingredient in the Product."

The Food and Beverage Industry is being targeted with lawsuits at an unprecedented rate. The reason for this sudden rise in legal action? One man, New York attorney Spencer Sheehan has filed over 400 food-related cases against companies he says are misleading consumers through advertising or packaging which doesn't hold up under scrutiny - meaning you could end up getting burned if it's not truthfully described on the label!

One can imagine the number of cases will only grow as more people feel they have been cheated.

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