Are You Going to Hit That Snooze Button or Get Out of Bed?

Jason Weiland

I know you hear it.

It sounds like an alarm, but it is a rallying cry. Are you going to lay there in bed and let that alarm shrill, or are you going to reach over and turn the damn thing off? You have two choices, snooze or start.

Which do you choose?

If you are like me, you never hit the snooze button. Sure, you think about it. You believe that another 10 minutes would be brilliant, but you choose to turn it off in the end.

You swing your legs over the bed and allow yourself one moment of weakness. You allow yourself to think one time, “What the hell am I doing?” before your mind clamps shut and you go into beast mode.

In beast mode, you do the things you need to do to be clean and healthy, but your mind never leaves the mantra that “Today is the day I succeed!” You don’t feel tired. You don’t feel depressed. You only feel the need to get out there and do what it takes for you to be successful today and in the long run.

In a perfect world, that is how it would be, but for me, today was different. I knew that 11:00 pm was rolling around and that my wife and kids would soon pile in the bed, ready to replace me. They are my alarm clock. First, the smaller feet of the baby, pouncing on my sore back, then the cross-body block from the girl, giving me kisses until I say, “I’m awake!”

The wife won’t fall asleep until I am out of bed and the baby is well on his way to his own sleep, so I don’t make her wait. I sit up, back throbbing and head aching. I get out of bed with a sigh but no complaint because this is the life I chose.

After coffee, it’s four hours of college coursework. The work isn’t difficult but there is a shit-ton of it. I finish like a champ and realize I am already finished with my work for the entire week, and I did it like a fucking beast.

I allow myself a smile and a little pat on the back. But never too much because where there is celebrating, the ego grows.

The rest of this night is going to be writing and creating YouTube videos. There is also sending out cold pitches and tidying up social media. There are posts to be written and comments to be made, and I won’t quit until I have a least a handle on the situation.

After all that, you’d think I would sleep, but today is payday, so there are bills to be paid and errands to run. There are kids to ferry, but we get to take the children to visit grandma for much of the day.

As tired as I am, there is no quitting because there is home school when we all get home later. There is a matter of 4 hours my wife will put into her hustle before bed. There is me, scrabbling for a few hours of sleep before I have to get up and do it all over again.

I do next week’s coursework tomorrow night, write some more, do a YouTube video, and send out a shitload of cold pitches to magazines. It is doing more every night, even when I am tired because I can see success on the horizon.

Physically, I may not be pushing myself hard, even though going without sleep is tough. But mentally, I am pushing every brain muscle I have until such time I can rest.

For me, it’s never-ending, but this is the life I chose, and that is what I tell myself to get my feet out of bed every night.

What are you telling yourself to get your feet out of bed and onto the floor? Are you happy with the life you chose, or are you suffering until you find success?

I live for this shit, but you may not be like me. You may like quiet nights with Netflix, and pushing yourself is pain every minute. So what you tell yourself to get motivated could be different.

Whatever you must do to get started, to turn off that alarm and get up out of bed for coffee, do it!

Whatever it takes for you to go from sleep mode to beast mode, do it!

Whatever it takes for you to push as hard as you can every minute of every day, do it for yourself and for that day when you finally find your version of success.


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