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Big Guys and Girls: Fancy a Heart Attack in Las Vegas?

Jason Weiland
Heart Attack Grill -Alexander Blecher,, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons

I’m a beast. While my 6-foot, 270-pound frame doesn’t qualify me as morbidly obese, I am no skinny little princess. I have a 48-inch waist and struggle to fit into airplane seats.

I haven’t always been fat. Before I started taking both antipsychotic and anti-depressant medication, I was a skinny little truffle. I even remember a time, before my mental illness became so severe all I could do was survive when I was both lifting weights and kickboxing and I drank protein powder to gain weight and muscle.

Oh, how things change.

Now, I’m a healthy 270 pounds. I walk every day, mostly to stretch my muscles after a day spent sitting in a chair writing. I eat healthy (most of the time) and watch my sugar and carbs. I manage my blood pressure and sugar. For a 53-year-old guy, I am healthy. Four years ago, I even quit smoking.

What I am saying is not every fat person is unhealthy. And if we want to eat fatty and rich food once in a while, we should be able to without remorse.

It’s sad that fat people and their bodies are demonized. The thin and fit bodies of Instagram look at anyone who doesn’t have a six-pack like them in disgust. We are called worthless, lazy, and disgusting.

If we have a few pounds under our belts, and we get sick, the doctors always say it’s because we need to lose weight. The cure for everything that ails us is losing weight. Skinny is the cure for everything.

Even when it’s not.

Fat people have such a poor self-image because of the way people snicker behind our backs and bully us at every chance they have to be anonymous. Social media is a thin persons paradise because they get to be their true selves without accepting responsibility for being terrible people.

The truth is: most of us don’t mind carrying a bit of extra weight, but are shamed because we don’t fit the image of a “healthy person.” Some of us take medication and can’t lose weight. Some of us have chemical issues that make losing weight almost impossible, yet we manage to stay active and eat the kind of food our bodies need. Some of us have Lipedema and carry fat in our thighs and waist that is impossible to lose without surgery.

Some of us just like to eat, and we could give a rat’s ass what you think about the extra 30 pounds around our middle. We want garlic bread, donuts, and beef ribs. We don’t want to nibble on dried peas and drink fancy sparkling water. We don’t want to deny ourselves the pleasure of eating good food because you think that fat people are slovenly and gross.

Enough Ranting, Bring on the Food!

So, when a restaurant comes along that laughs at the establishment that thinks fat people are less-than, I am interested. It’s a place that takes the idea of healthy eating and the people who shame fat people for wanting to eat and throws it back in their face.

Truthfully, it took me some time to come to terms with the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Like many, at first, I thought they were making fun of fat people with a scale at the front door and giving free food to anyone over 350 pounds. I thought it was a little much that the wait staff dressed like nurses and took your blood pressure before serving you a burger stacked 8 patties high, with bacon and cheese.

But then I remembered where the restaurant was located.

Leave it to Vegas to take anything to the extreme. So, one of the seven deadly sins is gluttony? Let’s be fricking gluttons! You make fun of us 364 days a year because we eat what we want and choose to carry a few pounds around? Fine, we are going to take 1 day and eat as much of the kind of food you tell us not to and revel in the fact that we will still have clothes that fit when we get home.

If you come into our domain while we are enjoying ourselves, you will be the patsy. Sure, come along with the group of us, and order a little hamburger and pick at it because it’s too fatty. I’ll sit across the table from you and laugh at your weak little bodies that are only acclimated to greens and kale smoothies.

Look. The world is burning around us. The rich have destroyed the earth and the pandemic has turned our society into a bunch of germophobes (with good reason). In one breath you chastise us for eating the kind of food that makes us happy and for being fat. But you won’t wear a mask or get a vaccine that will not only save your life but the lives of others.

Who is the idiot now?

In response, we have the Heart attack Grill, where us fat people give a flying middle finger to the skinny anti-vaxxers who tell us we are killing ourselves with food. Well, here you go:

Just for one day, we want to eat french fries cooked in pure lard, and we want to eat a 9000-calorie burger. Who are we hurting? Ourselves? Maybe, but half that stuff gets pooped out anyway. Are we hurting anyone else? No!

So before you skinny, twig-figure Instagram influencers pass judgment on us all because we want to drink beer and eat hot dogs and the Heart Attack Grill, just remember when you see us line up in front to weigh ourselves that we are all wearing masks and have a vaccine card in our wallet because we may not care about our size and we are about to eat our weight in grease, but we care about everyone else so much that we won’t spread COVID to every corner of the world.

So, if you want to comment how being fat is unhealthy, and that the Heart Attack Grill is just perpetuating stereotypes and glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle, first I say “Screw You!” then I say to mind your own business and watch this:

See you at the Heart Attack Grill!

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