All Meat Makes Me Sick When I Eat It

Jason Weiland

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I have quite a few reasons to give up meat. Don’t get me wrong — I love meat, maybe too much if you look at my girth. But, I know personally, meat is terrible for me.

I have a condition — diagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) by frustrated doctors, and even though IBS is a catch-all condition for all the symptoms that these doctors couldn’t figure out, I know there is something going on with my digestive system.

My bowels give me terrible problems when I eat meat, especially if it’s greasy — which is most times (you know the kind of problems — do I have to say it?). I’ve known my whole life that if I stopped eating meat, my stomach issues would go away — but in my stupidity — I kept forcing it in my face because I couldn’t bear the thought of never eating another Quarter-Pounder with cheese again.

The days when I don’t eat meat, or when I fast intermittently, I never get sick to my stomach. At all. I know without a doubt that meat is what is causing my issues. I can eat vegetables, eggs, and tofu with no trouble.

Don’t get me started on dairy, though — two words: explosive diarrhea.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned about other problems with meat and dairy.

In the United States, 42 percent of agricultural emissions come from animal agriculture. Two-thirds of those gases are directly emitted by ruminants: animals like cows, buffalo and sheep that use bacteria in their stomachs to ferment food. Worldwide, livestock accounts for between 14.5 percent and 18 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. —

I could go on, but the sad fact is that livestock farming is responsible for a whole lot of destruction of the earth, from methane in the atmosphere to the clear-cutting of our forest land for use in raising cattle. Remember the burning of the rainforest? They do that so they have land for cattle.

Our greediness and obsession with meat are causing global warming. Is it worth it?

What about the cruelty of raising animals in discomfort for the sole purpose of killing them for food and leather products?

I’m an animal lover — my wife even more so. How can we get mind-numbingly angry when someone is cruel to dogs when worse is happening to livestock, like cows and chickens? Where do we draw the line?

We meat-eaters are smug bastards. I mean, do you ever read the comments when someone posts anything about the vegan lifestyle? We sneer and bully people who have changed their lives by not consuming animals.

Christians — how many of you still think that humans are supposed to eat animals because your bible glorifies their slaughter and sacrifice to a cruel god? If your bible is the truth, how come Adam and Eve didn’t eat animals until they supposedly sinned and were thrown out of the Garden of Eden?

I pick on the Christians, but none of us are any better. If we dared suggest you Sunday-morning quarterbacks give up your bacon, I have no doubts the first thing that comes to your mind is violence. You manly knuckle-draggers have been force-fed the myth your whole life that real men only eat beef and bacon!

I’m a real man, and I say: give me broccoli because bacon makes me shit uncontrollably.

Men, I kid. All of us have fallen victim to the marketing of the meat and dairy industry. We’re told that eating meat is the only good way to health and fitness.

But, we haven’t evolved to eat meat. Look at our teeth. The teeth of carnivores are pointed and sharp like knives to shred and tear. Our teeth are flat to crush and mix with saliva to digest. Digest what? Vegetables and other organic matter. And, our bodies cannot digest meat properly. It sits in our stomachs and makes us sick!

At least it does for me.

There is no need to get our protein from meat in this day and age when soy, beans, and nuts are available.


The other day I stumbled across the Game-Changers movie on Netflix. I guarantee if you watch this documentary, it will change your mind about at least one thing associated with being a vegetarian or vegan.

The movie not only verified a lot of things I did know but dispelled many myths about eating meat that I’ve believed my whole life. It was the final straw that broke that camel's back for me because I’ve already started doing two things: I cut back on meat and stopped eating meat at least one day a week. Who knows where I’ll go from here, because I know if I can get over my obsession with meat, I will stop eating it altogether.

It’s not just my health and my digestive system — it’s the damage that it’s doing to the environment and the cruelty to animals we all ignore.

I know the comments I’m going to get from militant meat-eaters that can’t seem to allow others to live how they choose without whining. I’m not telling you how to live — I’m giving you the reasons why I’m changing my lifestyle. What you do with that information is up to you.

If you want to eat a juicy double-cheeseburger and talk shit about me that’s up to you. I hope there’s a bathroom nearby.

Happy pooping!

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