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Man's apartment doesn't have much to it when his sister and her son move in and Coos Bay moving tips

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What happens when you're not prepared for people to live with you and you haven't really done much with your apartment? In today's post you'll find out but first we're going to cover a couple of Coos Bay moving tips.

Coos Bay Moving Tips

One way to figure out where to turn in Coos Bay to get a mover would be to look at the top 10 movers in the area. On Yelp's website, for instance, you can check out a list of the top movers in the Coos Bay/North Bend areas. Just keep in mind that the best movers change regularly so if you move again in the future, look up who is at the top at the time.

There is a group on Facebook called "What's Happening Coos County" and it's a good one to join to learn more about the Coos Bay area before or right after you move there. You can join and then watch what people talk about, as it changes regularly. There are other groups, too, but many are not moderated so they're full of spam.

Man Doesn't Have Much In His Apartment And His Sister Ends Up Mad About It After He Lets Her Move In

In today's post, there was a man that asked Reddit if it was wrong of him to not have a lot in his apartment. The short version of what started this is that his sister had an emergency and had to move in with her 5 year old son. OP was not prepared at all.

This leads to his problem which is that the various comforts they enjoyed prior to the emergency move are not there. For instance, his sister wanted coffee after the first night but since OP doesn't drink it there wasn't a coffee maker in his place.

The biggest issue, according to OP's sister, is that he doesn't have a TV she can use in the apartment to keep her son occupied. OP says that the son has a tablet, but that his sister wants a TV because without one she thinks her son won't be entertained.

Once OP started hearing these complaints, he started to wonder if he should feel bad about his sister not having what she wants. OP seems to be wondering if he's in the wrong for not being prepared for his sister to move in which is why he made his post.

The top commenters on the post point out that he's not in the wrong and in fact it's up to his sister to obtain what she feels she needs. One of the most popular comments on this post as of Wednesday, August 23rd says that she should be more appreciative in general of OP.

What do you think? Is OP a bad person for not having a simple coffee maker and a TV his sister and her son could use? Is it up to his sister to get this stuff if she wants it so bad? I'm curious to know what you think!

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