Man doesn't want to pay the rent because he'd rather get a certain car

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When you own a home, you can do others a favor by letting them stay with you while they get things together. However, after a certain point you may feel like you're being taken advantage of and will need to put a stop to it.

Should I Feel Bad For Not Wanting To Reduce The Rent For Him?

A person made a Reddit post about how they are letting someone live in their home that promised to pay the rent once he got his dream job. The only problem is, he got his dream job but now doesn't want to pay rent that he feels is too high.

The house the OP owns has a lot of nice features and is in an area where rent is super expensive. The OP wants to charge $1,350 a month with all utilities included. The room OP is renting has it all from nice hardwood flooring to the fastest internet in the area.

OP says that they have not raised the rent more than 100 dollars in the last 11 years and was asked if he could make the rent $1,000 for the person living there now. The reason the person wants to pay lower rent is so that he can get a $15,000 car.

When it comes to the car this person wants, he doesn't want anything cheaper than a specific make and model of a car so he's not willing to pay more in rent and get a lower quality vehicle. This is why the OP made the post, to see if it's wrong to charge the man the $1,350 a month.

The OP points out that a shared room with 4 people living in it is the cheapest you can get in his area at about $750. He lives 1 mile west of SoFi stadium which is in Inglewood. In other words, the rent is not cheap and the man he's trying to work with wouldn't really have a similar option at even the $1,350 a month.

Rent is going up in a lot of places due to inflation and it's getting hard for everyone to pay it, whether they have a dream job or not. However, OP seems to think that this person is taking advantage of the situation and doesn't know how to proceed.

It would seem that the OP will have to start the eviction process if they want to get rid of this tenant that refuses to pay the rent that has been set up. Apparently this tenant promised to pay the amount the OP is asking for as soon as he got his dream job.

The top comment on this post says that the OP is not out of line and that the tenant is attempting to take advantage of the situation. Another comment says he can move into his new car if he wants it that bad.

What do you think about OP wanting the tenant to pay the rent they agreed on? Should the OP cut the person a break so he can get a new car instead of paying higher rent than he wants?

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