Man's wife not thrilled he got some attention from women at a red light

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There are times when your partner can get jealous or just not be happy in general with you getting attention from other people. While you cannot always control what people do around you, it's sometimes wise not to bring something up in a certain way around your partner.

AITA - I admitted to my wife that two women waving on the highway was an ego boost and now she's mad at me.

A man made a Reddit post about how a couple of women gave him attention at a red light. He says that they waved at him and then asked where he was going. He said he didn't respond, but he did think it was nice to get their attention.

When he told his wife what happened, he thought it wasn't a big deal and that she'd get a kick out of it, too. However, she got a little salty about it and he thinks that it's ridiculous that she seems to be upset over what happened.

Of course, there are people that will get jealous in a relationship which is why it's unclear if he told this to his wife in a very excited way. He turned to the internet to see if his wife is taking this too seriously or if he's wrong for even bringing up that he got a kick out of it.

Most of the commenters on the post say that he's not a bad person for bringing this up with his wife but he probably should've been more careful about sharing it if he knows she is insecure. Besides that people seem to think that him getting some attention is not a big deal.

Some people that are insecure can see a harmless interaction as something totally different that causes jealousy. While the wife wasn't extremely upset, according to further comments he says that she got salty about it and he is not sure what the big deal is.

It says in comment replies that they have been married for 2 years and they've been together for 6 years total. They are in their 40s with her being a few years older than him. The poster also says that their marriage is great and this is just a small issue in he scheme of things.

Do you think that he should be more careful about what he tells his wife? Is this something his wife should just get over since it's not a big deal? Marriages are not always perfect so it would be interesting to know your thoughts.

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