Woman adds blue hair dye to her shampoo and someone else uses it without asking

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When you live at home with some family members, you may not want to share everything you own with them. Is it your problem if you don't tell someone to leave your things alone and they learn the hard way not to get into your things?

AITA for putting blue hair dye in my shampoo without letting my family know?

A woman posted on Reddit about how she added blue hair dye to her shampoo. She was told that by adding the color to her shampoo, it would help the color to stick better.

Usually people in her family know not to use her stuff so she didn't warn anyone that there was blue dye in her shampoo. She is 21 years old and figures that people shouldn't be using her things so she didn't think to tell anyone.

Apparently her sister took the shampoo to another area of the home to use it and now has dyed her hair on accident with the blue coloring. The poster's family is upset with her because they think that she should've warned others about her shampoo having dye in it.

Children learn to share at a young age but they also have to be taught not to use things without permission. It would seem like this was a good way to teach her sister that she can't just take and use whatever she wants without asking first.

You may expect your family to stay out of your belongings. However, without telling them explicitly what to avoid, you could run into a problem like this. People do need to learn not to use your things but the poster is wondering if this is her fault.

The commenters on this topic seem to mostly think that the sister who stole the shampoo got what she deserved. It seems like people in general think that this was a good way for the sister to learn not to use things without asking first.

There are also people on the other side that think it's not fair to expect her sibling to not use her stuff like shampoo since it's a common item that people share sometimes. On this end of the argument, they think that she should've told everyone in the house about the shampoo.

Do you think that the poster is to blame for her sister using her shampoo with the dye in it? Is it not her fault because her family should know better than to use her belongings without her permission?

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