19 year old wants to move away from home and quit funding her unemployed parents

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When you work hard, you generally want to be able to enjoy living on your own eventually. But, if your parents take most of your money and don't want you to move, it can be hard to feel like you're turning your back on them.

WIBTA if i moved out of my parents house?

A 19 year old female posted on Reddit about how she goes to a university while living with her parents. She is growing tired of her parents because they don't do anything but take her money and fund their lifestyles.

One thing that the poster says her parents do is they fund their gambling habits. They also fund addictions of some kind but the poster isn't clear on what she means by addictions. Either way, they don't work and they use her money to survive with.

Now that the poster has saved up to live on her own for a couple of months, her parents say that she's being a terrible person for not wanting to support them any longer. Apparently because they don't work, the poster is their only source of income.

Supporting her parents mean that she spends about 80 percent of her income on them. It's very hard to support two people that aren't working while you are working and going to classes all the time. School is not cheap, after all, and neither are the bills.

The poster says that she has started the process of speaking with a contractor about her new place she wants to move to but her parents think it's unfair that she wants to live elsewhere. Addictions like gambling are not cheap and if she moves they will end up having to go back to work.

The top comment on the post says that the poster isn't a bad person for wanting to move. She responded to the comment to say that her parents quit their jobs a week after she started working because they thought they deserved a break.

Another comment says that the poster is the child and not the other way around so she shouldn't be responsible for her parents. Most people seem to be on the poster's side on this issue and think the parents are in need of a rude awakening.

Do you think that the poster should move away from home and quit supporting her parents? Is it only fair for the poser to take care of her parents since they took care of her for a long time when she was growing up?

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