Man didn't want to put food in the oven even though he was playing video games all day

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When you live with your partner, you generally will try to do what you can to make sure the chores are evenly distributed. Of course, there will be conflict at times and it's a good idea to know when to pick your battles.

AITA for asking my partner to put food in the oven?

A woman made a post on Reddit indicating that she had an issue with her partner recently. They have both been working from home so they both try to help out here and there when it's possible.

On this particular day, the poster asked her partner to put some food in the oven since she was really busy. He had not been working and was just playing video games. Usually they both are working but because he had some free time and she didn't, she wanted him to help out.

When it comes to distributing the chores, it's generally fair to expect your partner to help out from time to time. However, working from home means that time off can be rather random so when you're not working for a bit you may expect to be left alone.

Since the poster asked her partner to put the food in the oven, he got bent out of shape about it and said that he shouldn't have to follow her orders all the time. They both work hard but because he had a bit more free time than her she thought it was fair to ask him to put the food in the oven.

He did put the food in the oven but he didn't seem to be happy about it and let her know he didn't think he should have to do anything for her when she asks. Days off can be hard to get sometimes so it seems like her partner just wanted to be left alone all day instead of being asked to help out.

The top comment on this post says the poster is not in the wrong and since he wants to eat the food too, he can help by putting it in the oven. Because it was such a simple task, he should've just done it to be helpful instead of making a big deal out of it.

Do you think your partner should help out when you're busy and they aren't? Should the poster leave her boyfriend alone and not ask for help even when he's not busy doing any work?

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