Her husband spent hundreds when they didn't even have gas in their car

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Sometimes it's nice to surprise your partner with a gift, but you have to make sure that it's in the budget first. If you're not on the same page about what you can and cannot afford, it can lead to issues.

AITA for having a complete meltdown when husband gifted me a brand new gaming system

A woman made a post on Reddit about how she has been driving her car with the gas light on. She hasn't been able to afford the basics or put gas in their car so things have not been going well for her and her husband.

She came home and noticed a new video game on the table. This caused her to be upset because the game is worth $60 and she was just having a hard time even affording gas.

Her husband got it she thinks because she has said that she'd like to play it, but they didn't even have the gaming console so this made her mad. Her husband said he'd return it and when she went to their bedroom, a new gaming console worth $600 was on their bed.

The poster had a complete meltdown and wasn't happy at all that her husband spent so much on this stuff when she couldn't even afford to get gas in their car. They both work full time but she does the budgeting so she is very aware of the fact that they're swimming in debt.

A commenter asked if the husband was aware of the money problems they are having but other commenters are saying that it's pretty hard to be that blind about money in your marriage. Some say that the husband may not have known how rough things were for them.

She says that her husband has been driving the car with the gas light on too and so it should be clear that they need money to get to places. There is not much more information about whether the husband was aware of how bad things were but most think he shouldn't buy something that expensive in the first place without communicating with the poster.

Having money problems can really cause relationship problems and that's why it's good to be on the same page whenever possible. Asking before you make a major purchase is generally wise so you don't make a mistake like the poster's husband.

Do you think the husband was just trying to help his wife have something fun to do and didn't really think it through? Is it okay for the poster to be upset since they are having money issues and he should've known about it?

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