Woman doesn't want to buy a nice wedding gift for her friend who suddenly wanted to get married

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When you are invited to a wedding, you are usually expected to get the couple a gift that they have on their registry. However, if you don't have a lot of money or just had the wedding come up suddenly, you may not want to have to get a gift.

WIBTA if I don't buy my friend a wedding gift?

A woman on Reddit has a friend that just got engaged to a man she's been seeing for a couple of months. The reason she's getting married so fast is to beat her sister at getting married, so the poster doesn't seem to think it's that serious.

Since the friend wanted to get married so suddenly, it's going to cost the poster quite a bit of money to travel and find a place to stay on short notice. Generally, there are rules related to last minute bookings and in some instances it can be costly.

The gifts on the couple's registry are very expensive and when you couple that with the travel expenses, the poster doesn't really want to have to shell out a ton of money for a gift. If you get invited to a wedding it's generally good practice to get a gift so the poster might get a cheaper one than what's on the registry to be nice.

When first looking at the comments on this post, you can see that people think the poster is in the right. The top comment basically says that if you have to pay a lot of money to travel to a wedding, that should count as your gift.

Other comments say that the poster needs to at least get a cheap gift for the wedding. They are saying that without bringing anything she is being rude. So, it would seem that the commenters on this one are split on what they think is fair.

Do you think that the poster is doing the right thing by not spending a ton of money on a gift? Should she just get something from the registry even if it's going to cost her more than she'd like to spend?

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