Woman doesn't want her parents to be around her child unless they quit smoking

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Quitting smoking is not easy and some people say it's harder to quit than hard drugs. However, when you have a child, you may want to steer clear of people that want to smoke around them just to be safe.

AITA For Telling My Smoker Parents I Don’t Want Them Around My (Unborn) Child Unless They Quit?

A woman made a post on Reddit that says she's not happy with her parents smoking. They smoked in their house while she was growing up and she believes that it caused her to have some health issues.

Now that she is going to be having a baby, she doesn't want her child to be around her parents if they want to smoke. She doesn't want her child to be in any situations that could cause them to have health issues like she did growing up.

According to the poster, her parents are not too happy about not being able to be around her baby. But, the poster says that since even having smoke on your clothes can cause health problems for a baby, she needs them to quit before they can have the baby visit.

The poster said that she used to sit in smoke filled rooms growing up and that's not something she wants her child to go through. Many people smoke but these days it's not as common since it's known to cause serious health complications.

The people in the comments are on the poster's side and have been talking about why smoking is even still a thing since it's a known way to cause yourself health problems. They point out that it's harder to quit than most drugs.

Smoking is not good for anyone but it is becoming less and less common as time goes on. Quitting is not easy, but it can really benefit your health and that's why it's wise to get started on quitting as soon as possible.

Do you think the poster is right to be paranoid about her kid being around smokers? Should she get over it and let her parents smoke around the kid on the off chance it doesn't cause any health issues?

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