Man's ex wife doesn't want their daughter to eat onions but he lets her anyways

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When you and your partner have a child, you have to try to be on the same page when possible. But after you quit living with your partner, they may have random rules they try to stick to that you may not agree with.

AITA for feeding my daughter onions?

A man made a post on Reddit about how his daughter recently had some onions in her lunch. Her mother found out she ate them because there were onion slivers in her lunchbox when her mother went to clean it.

Apparently, the mother thinks that onions make her daughter smell bad but the father thinks that it's ridiculous and lets her have certain foods anyways. According to a reply to a comment made by the OP, the daughter is 10 years old.

There are food allergies that some kids may have but this seems to be another matter altogether. The daughter seems to like onions so the father doesn't think he should have to avoid feeding them to her.

The people in the comments seem to be on the father's side because his daughter is 10 years old and would let him know if she didn't like onions. However, the OP went onto Reddit to ask if he's being petty when it comes to this issue.

Onions have many health benefits since they have many antioxidants in them and they help with things like your digestive health. The mother seems to think that kids will make fun of their daughter if she eats onions because they will make her smell bad.

To avoid onions in general would be difficult since they are a good addition to many dishes. Some kids really don't like eating them though and it's usually because they feel like they are a strange food or just a yucky vegetable.

Do you think that the father should stick to the list of what his daughter shouldn't eat to make his ex happy? Is the list out of line since the daughter is old enough to decide what she likes?

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