Woman throws out meal when her husband doesn't come home to help with making it

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When you are married, you expect your partner to help you with certain things. If you were promised something then you generally expect your partner to stick to their word.

AITA for throwing out the dinner my husband and I had planned?

A woman posted on Reddit about how her husband was supposed to help her cook a meal. They made a New Years resolution to eat better and so they were planning to cook a meal together to kick things off.

They generally were eating frozen dinners and takeout so they wanted to start working together on eating better. Her husband told her that he would help with the meal but he went out with friends to drink that night instead.

The poster decided to start cooking the meal without him and asked if he would help with it while he was still out with his friends. He said he would help with parts of it and every time he was supposed to be home, he would put it off again and stay out with his friends.

He never did come home and she ended up cooking the main course and all of the sides by herself. After getting tired of waiting for her husband to come home from drinking with his friends, she threw the whole meal out.

In the post she talks about how her husband kept saying he'd be home to help. After she got upset and threw the meal out, he said that she was in the wrong for not waiting for him to get home so they could eat together.

New Years resolutions are something many people plan for but then they do not follow through. The poster seems to be the only one that was taking their promise to eat better seriously.

The top comment on the post at this time says that the poster is not in the wrong. They point out that her husband shouldn't expect a home cooked meal he didn't help with just because he wanted to drink with his friends all night.

It is indicated that he was upset with her and hung up on her when she kept calling him to ask if he was going to help with the meal. This seems to be something most commenters agree is not right and why the poster did the right thing by throwing out the food.

Would you be mad if you wife or husband didn't stick to their word? Should the poster have not thrown out the food and just have saved it for when he got home?

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