Person accidentally takes and throws out package meant for their neighbor after Amazon said they could

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When it comes to packages, many people get theirs stolen if they don't get them right when they are delivered. However, a package may not be stolen on purpose because if it's delivered to the wrong person, they may not know who it belongs to.

"AITA for stealing a package?"

A person posted on Reddit about how they noticed a package on their doorstep. They didn't remember ordering it and took it inside to so they could try to learn a bit more about it. This is why they called Amazon to talk about what to do with it.

Amazon said they had a policy that says that they could either keep it or throw it away. In other words it didn't really matter that it belonged to someone else and the poster assumed the company would deal with it somehow.

She Ends Up Talking To Amazon

The poster ended up taking what they wanted from the package and then threw the rest away. Well, about 2 weeks later their neighbor showed up and said that she recorded the package being dropped off by Amazon with a camera in her car that was nearby.

In some neighborhoods it's hard to know which home is which so the mail carrier probably got confused. Since they dropped it off in the wrong place, they were kind of at fault for what happened when it comes down to it.

The Neighbor Wants To Get The Police Involved

Once the poster figured out what was going on, they told their neighbor what Amazon said and gave her everything that wasn't thrown out earlier. This wasn't good enough for the neighbor and she talked about how she was thinking about getting the police out to deal with the situation.

Stealing a package is a crime and usually when someone does it they do not call the company that shipped it to ask what to do with it. The neighbor seems to think that the poster should have not done anything with the package until she came looking for it 2 weeks later.

Then The Neighbor Started Drama With Another Neighbor

30 minutes before the poster made their Reddit post, they heard that their neighbor ranted about the situation to another neighbor. Apparently, she complained to the only other neighbor the poster really gets along with for 10 minutes while they were at work.

The top comment on this post says that the poster is not in the wrong. They called Amazon, there wasn't a communal space the package got taken out of, and the neighbor waited 2 weeks to complain. Obviously the package wasn't super important since she took so long to notice it not being there.

Supposedly, Amazon Didn't Want To Replace The Package

When the neighbor confronted the poster about this, she told the poster that she called Amazon and they said they were not going to replace the package or even send out a refund. People seem to find this hard to believe since Amazon is usually pretty good about working out these kinds of problems.

Sometimes, scammers will try sending packages for nefarious reasons so many sources say not to open anything you didn't order. However, asking the shipper what to do isn't a bad idea if you're not really sure about something you get in the mail. Knocking on doors to find out who it goes to is something that not everyone is comfortable with.

If you ever got a package for someone else would you contact the company that shipped it and listen to what they told you? Should the poster have thrown anything away or even opened the package up in the first place?

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