Woman getting married doesn't want her father to bring her step mother along

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When families break up in divorces, there are times where things just don't work out for everyone involved. If your parents decide to end their marriage, it may cause you to not like the person that broke the marriage up.

AITA for not wanting my stepmother at my upcoming wedding?

A woman made a post on Reddit regarding her not wanting to invite her father's wife to her wedding. The poster is basically not happy with her step mother for a few different reasons but she doesn't mind if just her dad comes along.

Basically, the father said that if he isn't able to bring his wife with him to his daughter's wedding he is not likely to go. But, because the poster thinks it's unfair to her mother to invite her step mother, she doesn't want to invite her.

When the poster was growing up, his father ended up having an affair and his new wife is who he cheated on the poster's mom with. Not only that, but her father spent more time with her step mother's kids and didn't see her and her siblings more than 4 times a year.

Divorces can fracture a family and it can be very difficult for the children involved, especially if one of the parents doesn't make much of an effort to see their children. Step parents are hard to accept, especially if you see them as the reason for one of your parents totally changing.

Growing up is difficult without a father figure and it can lead to you having a lot of resentment towards him. Add in his new wife seemingly taking his attention away from his kids when they were growing up and it's clear that the poster doesn't really view her step mother in a good light.

The poster made their post on Reddit to ask if they were in the wrong for not wanting to have her step mother come to her wedding. She still wants her father to come, but he probably won't if he can't take his wife.

Top comment replies on this post indicate that most people think the poster is not in the wrong but that she can't expect her father to come alone. They seem to agree that since it's her wedding, she can decide not to invite her step mother if she wants to go that route.

Do you think the poster should just let her step mother come to the wedding? Should she stand her ground and feel okay with not letting her step mother come even if it leads to problems with getting her father to show up?

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