Man calls his girlfriend disgusting for not being happy with the way her daughter turned out

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When you have kids, you sometimes are going to want them to turn out a certain way or you may feel like a failure. However, if you have unrealistic expectations, your child may not ever be like you in the long run.

AITA for calling my girlfriend disgusting and telling her she should be ashamed when she was crying?

A man made a post on Reddit about how his girlfriend was crying and carrying on about how her daughter is not the type of person she wants her to be. She is not a popular cheerleader type of kid and it makes her sad.

She was telling her boyfriend that her daughter is into things like anime and it really makes her wish her daughter was someone else because she sees her as a loser. His girlfriend was a popular homecoming queen type of child which is why she's not thrilled her daughter didn't turn out that way, too.

When kids come into this world, they tend to go down their own path and there is nothing wrong with that. Because his girlfriend's daughter is a good person according to the poster, he called his girlfriend disgusting and said that she should be ashamed for not loving her daughter the way she is.

You generally are not going to always turn out like your parents, even if they try to get you to go down a certain path. The poster seems to think his girlfriend's daughter is an awesome person and he thinks she should be loved just the way she is.

The poster goes on to say that the daughter is a bit dorky but that she would feel so terrible if she knew why her mother was crying. Because the poster sees her daughter in a positive light, he couldn't let it slide and called out his girlfriend for her views on her daughter.

When you look at the top comments on this post, people seem to be on the poster's side. It says that they saw the title of the post and made their mind up almost, but once they read through the girlfriend's thoughts about her child they are on the poster's side.

If you don't want to turn out to be just like your parents, there are ways to make sure that doesn't happen. It's not a good thing in every situation to be just like who brought you into this world, and most will see nothing wrong with that.

Do you think the poster went too far when he called his girlfriend disgusting for the way she feels about her daughter? Should he not say that kind of thing to his girlfriend when she's upset?

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