Lactose intolerant woman screams at her mother for sneaking dairy into her food

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If you're not able to handle any kind of dairy, then you are probably lactose intolerant. This means that you're not able to handle dairy without it causing you to have issues like stomach cramps and the urgent need to go to the bathroom.

AITA for screaming at my mother after she caused me a reaction?

A 20 year old woman made a post on Reddit about how she thinks her mother doesn't believe that she's lactose intolerant. Recently, the poster has found that she cannot handle dairy and every time she has it in something she consumes, she regrets it.

She has accidentally had coffee with full fat milk in it that her sister offered to her and it caused a bad reaction. Her mother thought that maybe she just didn't like cheese and was being a bit dramatic about it.

The poster screamed at her mother recently because she asked her mother if there was any dairy in some lasagna that she made. Her mother said that she used lactose-free cheese but it turns out that she just said that to get the poster to eat it.

Well, the lasagna didn't sit right with her and while eating it she had to rush to the bathroom. This made the poster very upset, so she screamed in her face. Her sister said she was being dramatic which made her storm off to her room.

Having a hard time with food sensitivities is something that others need to know about and they should help you by letting you know what's in food they make for you. Trying to test someone to see if they're lying is likely to hurt them which is not fair at all in most cases.

The top comment on the post says that the poster is not wrong for getting upset and says to try a product that is helpful for people that don't like dairy. Most other comments on the post say that they agree with the poster blowing up at her mother since she did a mean thing in general.

When you're making food for someone else, make sure you ask them whether they need you to keep something out of the mix. You don't want to find out that they are allergic to something or that a certain ingredient will make them sick.

In fact, a lot of times if you go out of your way to try to test someone to see if they're making up a food allergy, it can get you in legal trouble. It's best to just accept what someone tells you they cannot eat, even if you think that they are just making a big deal out of nothing.

Do you think that the poster was in the wrong for yelling at her mother about this? Should the mother not have tried to sneak dairy into her daughter's diet just to see if she was making up that she couldn't handle it?

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