Woman wants to go to Disney World but her sister who dislikes her daughter wants to come along

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There are many people out there that would rather not have children and they do their best to not have to deal with them. However, there are situations where some would agree to be around a child, like going on a vacation.

AITA for not inviting my sister on my trip to Disney World?

A woman made a post on Reddit about how her sister is child free and doesn't like to spend time with her daughter. However, the poster made plans to go to Disney World with her daughter and now her sister seems to want to go with them.

Her sister doesn't want anything to do with her daughter most of the time. Even when the poster's appendix ruptured, her sister would not watch her daughter when all other options were exhausted.

The sister won't buy gifts for the poster's daughter and usually wants nothing to do with the child. However, now that the poster has planned to go with her daughter to Disney World, her sister really wants to spend time with them.

Because the sister is obsessed with all things Disney, the poster thinks that she probably just wants to go along because she wants an excuse to go to the amusement park. The poster's family, however, seems to think that the sister is trying to extend an olive branch for the first time in the 9 years the daughter has been alive.

Going on a trip to Disney World with 3 people is a lot of money and in the long run it may be helpful for the sister to go with them. However, if she's just in it to have fun, she may be pretending to care about the poster's daughter due to that.

Do you think that the poster should let her sister go with them on vacation and hope that they all have a good time? Should the sister not be able to go with them because she doesn't care about the poster's daughter usually?

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