Man tells his pregnant fiancé that childbirth is gross

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People that have seen childbirth will tell you that it's wonderful even if it's not very pretty. For some though, it's way too much to handle and they would rather not have to watch.

AITA for telling my pregnant fiancé that I think childbirth is nasty?

A man posted on Reddit that his fiancé is pregnant and they were discussing him watching the birth. He said that he's seen videos of children being born and it grosses him out.

This caused her to get upset with him. Many commenters think that he's in the wrong because he should've kept those thoughts to himself. They mostly say that he should've just said he'll be there to support her and leave it at that.

The woman in this situation thinks that childbirth is special and that he shouldn't be grossed out by the process. But, he says he's tried to watch videos of it happening and he cannot handle it. Couples do argue at times and usually things work out so that everyone can move on.

Childbirth is hard for some people to watch so they can sometimes pass out or have to look away at the very least. Most people, however, end up thinking it was a process they were glad to be a part of because it is a special time in the lives of everyone involved.

Would you be upset if your fiancé told you that childbirth was gross and he wasn't going to watch? Should he be allowed to say what he thinks without anyone getting mad about it?

It's one thing to say that you're not ready to watch a child be born but it's another to not be there at all. So, the poster should probably just apologize and promise to be there without saying anything else about it being gross.

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