Person doesn't want random people parking in their yard during local events

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Having a home with a driveway is usually a good thing, when you can access it. If people start taking your driveway at random times, it can lead to problems because then there isn't much in the way of parking options available in many neighborhoods.

AITA for not wanting strangers parking on my yard during city/county events?

A person posted on Reddit about how they live on a street that is near where local parades happen. The city has parades for many holidays, from MLK Day to Thanksgiving. This means that people regularly need to find parking in the area.

At the latest parade, the poster has had interactions with people that decided to park in the driveway. The poster looked at one of them and then looked at the house which made the stranger pull off. Another person parked there and the poster gave them the same looks but they stayed parked there.

Strangers sometimes park in the grass or right in the middle of the driveway so nobody else can pull in. The poster's mom got off of work and didn't have the ability to park in the driveway because of this, and now the poster is wondering if they are inn the wrong because they dislike this.

Parking for events can mean you have to park far away and walk. Many people are not able to walk that far and others may just not want to so they do whatever they can to get a space close to where they need to go.

Should the poster just get over it and accept that there are people that will park there? Would it be better to do something like block the area off so that people couldn't park there the next time there was an event in the area?

In some situations you could get people towed for parking in your driveway in on your property in general when you don't want them there. It may be seen as rude or mean-spirited, but if you need to park and there are not spaces, you should be able to count on your driveway being available.

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