Woman evicts her roommate for not showering even after going for runs

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It's important to have good hygiene, especially if you're going to be around others. You may not know how bad you smell if you don't take care of yourself and for some, that's a deal breaker when it comes to who they live with.

AITA for kicking out my roommate bc of her hygiene?

A woman made a post on Reddit about how her roommate of 4 months simply doesn't shower. She smells terrible and even goes on a 2 hour run on a regular basis without showering afterwards.

The poster has tried to talk to her roommate and the roommate says that she will shower. In the end the roommate just says that and doesn't really take action at all. The smell has gotten so bad that the poster has decided to take action.

Once it was clear that the roommate wasn't going to shower, the poster got in touch with the landlord and set up an eviction. When the landlord came over to give an eviction notice to the roommate, he could barely keep himself from throwing up due to the smell.

Since it's so close to the holidays, some people are saying that the poster is not doing the right thing. However, this has been a problem for months now and so the poster has had enough. Not showering for a long time can lead to serious health issues for everyone.

If you were the poster would you kick out a roommate for having bad hygiene? Should the poster just suck it up and wait until the holidays are over before any action is taken?

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