Man doesn't want his home to be too hot so he tells his girlfriend's family to dress warmer

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In a home, it usually isn't too hard to find a temperature that everyone is going to be happy with. You generally don't want it to be too hot or too cold so around 70 degrees is where people mostly draw the line.


A man on Reddit made a post about a problem he is having in his home. Apparently he let his girlfriend's family stay with them, and they tend to want the home to be very warm. They usually put the thermostat at 75 degrees or higher and the poster cannot sleep when it's that hot.

Heating can be pricey but that is not why the poster is upset about the heat in his home. He has to stay up when it's really hot because until he turns the heat down he is sweaty and it's hard to sleep well. He does pay for the electricity but he doesn't indicate that money is the issue here.

He ended up telling the family not to touch the thermostat and while his girlfriend's dad was okay with it, her mom and brother were not that happy. He also told everyone to wear extra layers instead of turning the heat up so high.

Now he's wondering if he's in the wrong for how he went about telling everyone not to mess with the heat in the home from now on. His girlfriend told him that he should've confronted everyone differently and now he's not sure if what he did was right.

Would you be able to sleep in a home that was 75 degrees or hotter at all times during the night? Should the poster be able to set the thermostat at whatever he wants since he pays for everything?

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