Woman doesn't want to quit her job and let her husband support everyone

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When you have a family, you have to make sure you can afford to take care of everyone. One person can sometimes do the bulk of the work outside of the home sometimes while the other takes care of the kids, but that's not always what everyone wants.

AITA for not quitting my job in order to let my husband work Door Dash full time?

A woman made a post on Reddit about how her husband told her she should quit her job so he can just do DoorDash all the time. He thinks this will help there to be more money and that it would make their lives easier.

The poster doesn't think it's a good idea to rely on DoorDash, especially since a lot of the time you have to depend on tips. Her full time job is more reliable than DoorDash in the end, so that's part of why she doesn't want to quit.

Having kids means you need to make very sure you have enough money and time to take care of their needs. They don't make enough for childcare and so they both have to work a little and they both have to be at home at certain points to care for the kids.

Now the poster isn't sure if she's in the wrong because they rarely argue and her husband backed off in the end. She made her post to see what people had to say, and many comments tell her that it's wise not to rely on his job since it's hit or miss getting orders during certain times of the year.

Would it be wise for the poster to quit her job and take care of the kids full time? Should the husband just leave it be and let them both contribute so they don't have to just rely on DoorDash? It's said that DoorDash can pay up to $25 per hour, but you do have to rely on people making orders.

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