Man bans his mother and her partner from future Thanksgivings

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When someone doesn't like what you cook, it can be hard to not take it personally. Having Thanksgiving meals means different people from different situations have to try to get along. Everyone needs to try to have good manners, at the very least.

AITA for banning my mom from all future Thanksgivings?

A man made a Reddit post about a blowup that happened with his mother and her partner named Leo. The poster and his wife had his mother and Leo over a couple of years back and noticed that something was off.

Apparently, Leo would have the poster's mom sneak in some food because he didn't like eating the food being served by the poster's family. This offended the poster and the poster's wife, so they told his mother not to bring their own food again.

Well, this year they had another Thanksgiving that was a little off. Leo and the poster's mom didn't eat much food so the poster took his mother aside and asked what the problem was this time. Apparently, they had another place to go to eat since Leo didn't like the food so they tried not to fill up.

This caused the poster to lose it and tell his mother that she had to choose between going with them for the holidays or sticking with Leo. The poster said his mother couldn't have it both ways, and so the mother got upset with the poster and called him out for being mean.

The reason for Leo's picky eating is that he grew up really poor and the food the poster's wife served reminded him of the food he hated growing up. A lot of people are picky eaters, so it makes sense that Leo has aversions to food related to childhood trauma.

Would you be mad at your mother for her partner not liking your partner's cooking? Should the poster get off of his high horse and let Leo bring his own food so that he can be happy with the Thanksgiving celebration they have together?

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