Man gets father kicked out of the house his grandfather owns

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When people go to college, they need a place to stay. A college student generally doesn't have a lot of money so staying with their parents may be one of their only options.

AITA for getting my dad kicked out of home?

A man posted on Reddit about how his father just adopted a child that's around a year old and the poster was asked to stay in the basement. The home is owned by the poster's grandfather. The poster's father and his wife live there along with their adopted child.

The poster started to go to college and when he found out that the adopted child was going to take his room, he figured that he would tell his grandfather what was going on. He didn't want to move to the basement of the home because that would mean he'd have to get rid of some of his belongings.

Instead of letting his father and his family have the home the way they want it, the poster told the grandfather everything since it was his house. The grandfather got mad at the poster's father and told him that him and his wife have a month to move out.

Now the poster is hearing that he's a bad person from his father and his father's wife. He just wanted his room back and now everyone except him has to find a new place to live. The grandfather probably gave the father and his wife a month to move out since it's illegal to just throw someone out on the street suddenly in most areas.

Would you tell on your father if he gave away your room to a child he just adopted? Should the poster not have a say and be happy with the basement he was allowed to stay in instead of his own room?

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