Man doesn't let his daughter eat candy a stranger gave them

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When a stranger gives your child candy, it may not be a good idea for it to be eaten just to be on the safe side. However, some people may think it's fine to trust a stranger and that others are being a little too paranoid at times.

AITA for not letting my daughter eat candy from a stranger?

A man posted on Reddit about how he was at the mall with his wife and their daughter. A stranger came up to them and gave the daughter a chocolate bar. The daughter started to open it but the poster took it away and said they shouldn't trust the candy.

Once this happened, the poster's wife got on his case about how it's okay to trust the candy. This caused a scene and his daughter was getting upset so now he's wondering if he was in the wrong or if it's better to be careful about accepting candy from strangers.

It is easy for someone to alter candy and it could've been laced with a chemical of some kind. Plus, there's no telling how it was stored so it could've been an old candy bar that wasn't good for consumption still.

The poster did say that he was willing to just buy some candy from the gas station because that way they would know it was safe. The wife didn't like this idea and was upset about him not letting their daughter just have the free chocolate she just got.

If you ever do end up taking candy from a stranger, it's best to check over it at the very least before it is consumed by anyone. There have been stories about laced candy being out there which is why it's good to be careful.

Should the poster be this worried about candy and have taken it away from his daughter? Is the mother right and should their child have been allowed to eat the chocolate bar that a stranger gave her?

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