Man kicks out sister for telling his wife how to parent

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When you're around a new family, it can be tempting sometimes to tell the parents how to do a great job at parenting. However, not all advice is welcome for some people and sometimes you just need people to leave you alone and let you handle parenting your own way.

AITA for kicking out my sister?

A man on Reddit made a post about how his wife just had their baby two weeks ago. During this time, his sister has been around quite a bit and according to him she's been telling his wife what she thinks should be done to parent properly.

During one event, the sister was telling the wife that the formula she was using wasn't a good fit and was too expensive in general. Formula prices, after all, can get pretty expensive over the months. This caused the poster to go off on his sister, telling her to get out and to go away basically.

The poster wanted her to leave due to her annoying advice and the fact that he doesn't want any drama going on in front of their newborn. Plus, he want his wife to be able to recover from her C-section in general. Now he's wondering if he was out of line or if he is doing the right thing by cursing at his sister and telling her to go away.

In an edit, the poster has said that his sister is unable to have children. When people are unable to have children, they can sometimes have a hard time dealing with the reality of it. Sure, there are options for adopting and things of that nature, but not being able to get pregnant makes her behavior make a little more sense.

Is it good to give people advice when they don't ask for it just to make sure they know what to do with their child? Would you say that the poster is in the right for making sure his wife is left alone while she tries to get started with being a parent?

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